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hopeful girl 1
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Can you tell me what kind of juicing you did with what fruits and veggies?
How many a day? What else did you do to help?
Do you use the Jack LaLane juicer-I do have one of those but haven't used since
surgery-was afraid sugars in juice would be too condensed.

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Let me tell you from the time I was diagnosed in Nov 2009, a friend came to see me and brought me vitamins:- immune builder, silver(a liquid), cell detox, and a tea that she swears by called pau de arco. (all from Nature's sunshine on Line") I took these herbs dilligently three weeks before my Chemo and made smoothies with strasberry, blue berries, black berries, cranberries a small beet 1 carrot sometimes a piece of apple I blended them with 100% fruit juices. I am still doing this twice a day and when I went for my first up Dr. told me it was okay to continue using them. I am convinced that these herbs helped me through Chemo. I had no side effects besides losing my hair. Then I went to herbalist in April and they use an eye chart and look in your eyes and I don't know what they see, but she told me that I still do have cancer cells floating around, and that the Ct scans do not detect them all the time, to confirm this my Gastro Dr. told me that it is true the ct scans don't always detect the tiny cells. So she gave me some cell detox med and I took them I am convinced that they really do work. So what she really did was detox me and gave me a herbal chemo. They work. I don't use any other sugars. I have bought tumeric and is using that I am also using the lemon drink. and lots of green tea.
No, I don't have a jack La lane junicer but I was told right here on the board how good they are.

So that is it for me. Keep hopeful!!!!!Hugs. June

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You are doing a great job. I will check out that info.

Mary Ann

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