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My mom went to her regular one week after chemo visit to the Onc to check her blood and white cells, she was low in her white blood cells!
Dr said she is at 1.9 and she is supposed to be at atleast 4.0!
he said she needed to receive the neulasta shot but my mom refused to take it because it is too much for her, she literally cant walk cant eat cant move she has to be carried everywhere or in a wheelchair! She gets extremely weak and tired and frustrated!
BUT another reason why she didnt want to take it is because this saturday, will be my cousins sweet 16 my mom is very excited about attending!! I am happy because she is for the first time excited about something! Her self esteem is very low and just the fact that she wants to go to a celebration where a lot of family will be at and friends makes me feel good because at times she doesnt even want to go for a walk around the neighborhood because she doesnt want people to see her!
the onc told her she can get any infection right now her defenses are low, but that her blood count was great and another thing too that i didnt understand but he said he was going to allow her to go without it until monday if they were still low she was going to HAVE to receive it. Do u guys know anything i can do to help her??
Like food or anything that can help her increase her count??
Any comments id appreciate too!
Thank You!