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Haven't been here much

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Since finishing my RAI and getting a good report on my scan and my thyroglobulin test which was confirmed by both the radiation doctor and my endo I am trying to lead a normal life for a while. I had a blood test done last week, and I see my endo in a couple of weeks for a treatment plan for the next 6 - 12 months. I am back to work, helping out with the Girl Scouts, and attending church. Feeling wonderful and trying to have a good outlook on life. Since both doctors felt that the radiation should be successful I am tying to live my life as a cancer survivor. I'm looking at my life like I have beat this disease....I know that it is early, but I need this time to feel like myself again.

This diagnosis has been a great learning experience for me! I have learned how strong I am, how many wonderful friends I have in my life, and it has also improved my spiritual life as well. It has also taken a big toll on my family and I feel that by my trying to be normal I can help my family heal as well. My son missed an exam so his professor gave him an incomplete on an exam. He recently went back to the college. Took the exam. Got a B for the course and is now waiting to see if he will be readmitted to college or if he will still be suspended for poor grades. My husband has been stressed with his workload and my diagnosis and has been suffering panic attacks. He is on medication, and hopefully soon he can see a counselor (but he travels a lot with his job and scheduling is a problem), to help with the stess management. My daughter seems to be the only one who wasn't stressed out by my diagnosis. Her grades were excellent (all A's and 1 B....which was 0.3% from an A) and she seems to be back to normal. She's only 14, but I drew a lot of my strength from her and her ability to cope with this.

I just wanted to update you and let you know that I'm doing ok! I just don't stop here as often as just thinking about cancer coming back isn't something that I really want to do right now! I wish all of you the best in your cancer treatment.....and that we can all be survivors!!

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Thanks for sharing that. I had my surgery a month ago and have'nt gone through the RAI yet. While this has been the worst 6 mo. of my life it has also been the most joyous. You see I lost my Dad(unexpectly), lost my job and found out I have Thyroid cancer all in 6 mo time. I was so angery after losing my Dad he was the world to me and I was his only child so we were very close. I know that everything happens for a reason and I believe the Lord took my father cause he would not have handled this well at all. He loved the Lord also but had a problem with leaving in Gods hands when it came to me. This has also brought me closer to God and I have so much joy and peace in my life that often find myself smiling for no reason(if you knew me before you be shocked, I didn't smile much). It's nice to hear that things can go back to being normal, I have quit driving much since I get so tired after doing just about anything. The low-iodine diet is going to kill me I think sometime..lol. I didn't find the recipes till a couple days ago so making them ahead of time is a bust. Thanks again for your words of encouragement.


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Hi Shawna! Just wondering how you are doing! I finished my last day of work for the school year yesterday, and my co-workers are encouraged that I tell them that I will be coming back to work next year as I will be healthy. People are amazed at my positive attitude with regards to the cancer, but I just want to keep living my life and try to think about it as little as possible.....though sometimes I do have to tell people about it...and find that they are inspired so maybe God just brought them into my day for a little inspiration!

Right now cancer seems the least of my worries as we are still struggling as a family with the aftereffects. My son flunked out of college, and is now on academic suspension for a semester, but is looking into a community college program for at least a semester....my hubby and I are still debating this one as to whether it will be a semester or a full year at the community college....and trying to get his life back in order again. My husband continues to have panic attacks and is not sleeping. I just keep praying for him as he won't let God work this all out, and I finally convinced him to return to his doctors for an evaluation today....and maybe get a referral to a therapist (which he is resisting, but will help!) I know that eventually we will get through all of this, but it is going to take some time....a lot of prayers and a lot of faith!

I am so sorry that you have gone through so much recently, but rejoice that you have found peace and joy in your life! It will help you get through the RAI and the waiting period afterwards to see if it worked or not!! May your life continue to be blessed!

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If you go to THYCA.ORG there is a cookbook you can download with some really good recipes in there, they have a bread recipe we made several loaves they tastes pretty good.

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