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Good New's!

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Hello everyone!
I had my post two month checkup with my oncologist & ear nose & throat specialist on tuesday. He went & took a look with scope down my nose & he could not see any trace of my tumor etc. Needless to say I am relieved. I decided there is nothing I can do about it anyway & said alot of prayers hoping for the best. I go back in two month's for a Cat Scan.
Now I am focusing on trying to down enough calories so I can remove my feeding tube. He said I have to eat on my own for a month before he will consider it. I am prayinng for a boost in my appetite. Boy it is tough to eat when your not hungry. Swallowing is great no problems there!

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I know what you mean, I am 6 months out and still have a limited appetite. I was one of the unlucky ones having trouble swallowing and still am today. My tube was removed after I was able to eat for awhile and passed a swallow test. I started out on the soft stuff first, and sort of used a mind over matter type thing, as I had no taste. Glad to hear your good news, I also had some last week as my 6 month CT was also clear.
Best wishes & Prayers & Congrats

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D Lewis
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Roza and Dave; congratulations on the good test results and clear CT scan, respectively! I'm sending positive thoughts your way that things will continue to improve.

I'm now 3 weeks out from end of treatment, and looking forward to my followup testing, which is still a few weeks away. Based on everyone's comments here, I have learned NOT to fear the "lack of appetite." Right now, I'm wandering around the kitchen, nibbling on various liquid and food items, to see what appeals to me and what I can swallow. Life is an adventure!


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Outstanding news on all of you. Glad to hear news like this. Each of you are out of treatment and on the road to recovery. Ya-Hoo

I forget where I read it, but one patient suggested that if we have difficulty swallowing foods, to go to a Chinese buffet or any buffet and sample different foods there. Thought that was a good suggestion.

My Best to Everyone Here

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Glenna M
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Dave and Roza, happy to hear that you are both doing better and your test results were good. I'm now 8 months post treatment for laryngeal cancer and NSCLC in left lung. My appetite was non-existent for a while and I still have times when I'm not hungry but I make myself eat. I try to eat nutritious foods but will occasionally pig out on ice cream or other junk foods just to add more calories in an ongoing battle to try to gain weight. I also drink Ensure Plus at least once or twice a day to get more nutrition and they are 350 calories each. They're not too bad if you get them ice cold.

Deb - I like your attitude - life's an adventure ;-) Just keep trying different foods weekly and you will be surprised at which foods you will be able to eat. I have only found one food that I still can't eat - peanut butter, it was my favorite thing, I used to have an english muffin with peanut butter every morning. Now it sticks so bad I can't swallow it, not even with a mouth full of water. Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay. But I can still get the flavor from peanut butter ice cream ;-)

I hope you all continue with good scans and manage to eat more so you can stay healthy.

My best to you - Glenna

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I just want to say thank you to all of you! I so appreciate all of your support & suggestion's. I am trying the taste testing route also. I know it all takes time. I don't mind the ensure plus vanilla. I guess I am rushing thing's a tiny bit. All in all thing's are looking good.

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I just read your post! Congratulation's on your clear scan also! Wonderfull new's for you also!

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Start watching the food channels, LOL...worked wonders for my appetite'.....

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roz and fire, FANTASTIC news!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the taste to come back quickly.
God bless,

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Great news my friend I am very happy for you

God bless and continue to be with you.

Kent Cass
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Time for trial and error with different foods. Pancakes started me out. I'm the chef-style salad freak, now. Lotsa different foods you can try- to see what works. And, can always supplement w/Ensure, etc. Hondo and Scam, along with others, do know a lotta good eats for us. Losing the PEG is a good thing! Oh yeah.


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..news rozaroo. Great to hear some good news. Keep plugging away with the food. I am with Kent, salads are great with loads of Olive oil, oatmeal baby cereals, congee and my best meal is breakfast of high quality wholegrain cereal with a fresh chopped papaya and rice milk.


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