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BC survivor of 14 years after aggessive cancer and treatment.
Had benign lumps less than one year in healthy breast since opted for mastectomy but had treatment on cancer before to remove second breast.
14 years later found a very small lump then second lump grew right by small lump in a few weeks and still growing. I am interested to know if sarcomas are known to grow quickly and yes I heard a fibrous cyst last time around and believed them and 6 months later diagnosed with stage 3. I heard fat cyst this time and not settling till they know what it is because this feels much like my first time around this block.
What do they feel like as well.

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In past 5 yers, I had sarcomas in my legs twice and now have BC. All are saparate cases. My doctors are puzzled by this since test for L_F symptoms came negative.
I am not sure how fast sarcomas are growing. Most of the cases are know were rather slow. The main problem with sarcoma is that it is very rare, so very easily misdiagnosed. My first lump was considered lipoma and I was told not to worry. However, I insisted on more test and finally was sent to surgen. According to CT scan, it was benin. However, my surgen sent it for second opinion and this came as malignant. I had surgery with clear margins, followed by radiation since per bipsy it was liposarcoma.
Please be aggresive and ask for more tests (MRI, PET Scan, etc). But I hope your lumps are benin.
Good luck.

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Surgeon having consult with other doctors at the cancer clinic since inconclusive with MRI and CT scan. That happens on monday so will know what they are going to do. I can't believe we have gone this long and still haven't biopsied it but they are the doctors. No one is too concerned about it but me.
Thanks for reply

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