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Gastric Cancer

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Some please help me.....
My BEAUTIFUL MOTHER(best friend) is really not doing well after her first chemo treatment. She gets her 2nd one tomorrow. I can't get her to eat anything. Could someone give me any suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in desperate need of help. My 3 sisters and I have tried everything but she just refusses everything. My heart is broken.

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If she won't eat, it's because that's what her body is telling her to do, so you will probably be better off getting her to drink. My mother (ovarian cancer) has been through several periods when she couldn't comfortably eat, but she will always down a milk chocolate ensure (no other flavor). The fancy chocolate milks (cookies and cream, etc) I bought disappeared from the refrigerator, and she liked some vanilla yogurts I tried.

In other threads here, people have shared recipes for high calorie shakes made from boost, ice cream, and a powdered nutritional supplement from GNC.

If you can get your mother to drink yummy, high nutrition liquids, it will help keep her fluid intake up, too. Best of luck to you.

Cindy Bear
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Hello. I replied to your on the stomach cancer dis. board.. so next time you're there, check it out. Take care.

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