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Tomorrow is my day...........wanted to say "thank you" to everyone

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what a mess
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Tomorrow morning I go in for the results of biopsy.....(laryngoscopy). I will not lie to you-I am a nervous wreck. I have no idea how you do this...you all have so much strength. The waiting has been a roller coaster of emotions....and a nightmare.
You have all "helped" me in your own ways-from trying to "calm" me-to suggesting notepads and voice recorders to help me at the doctors, and by "just listening" to me while my mind has been racing. You have told me your stories and what to "expect" and what has helped you through your treatments....I am forever grateful to all of you.
I am hoping that when he told my husband "it looks like cancer"--that he was wrong.
I am also hoping that if it is true.......that it is cancer....that I even have a small portion of belief and strength that you all have on here to help me through it.
Either way it goes.....I believe I have "met" some of the nicest people to call "friends".
I will post of course tomorrow either way.
I wish all of you that are "done" with your treatments to be forever "free" from cancer.
To those of you still in treatment--keep listening and posting to these wonderful people-I am wishing you a complete recovery as well......you are all in my prayers. Jill

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I will be thinking of you tonight. Please let us know what happens and know that we will be here to support you through whatever the results might be.


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I have just read your posts. I hope and pray that you do not have cancer. If it turns out that you do, you will have much support on this website to help you get thru it. I found out I had cancer in my neck, 2 lymph nodes with an unknown primary at the end of Oct. Had surgery and radiation. I just had my PEG tube removed last week and all my scans are clean. Doctor scoped my throat and no evidence of cancer was found. I am starting to feel like myself again. Whatever happens, you will get thru and be on the other side. Good Luck tomorrow.

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My prayers are with you both, and I will be waiting for your post tomorrow.

God bless

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I am newish to these boards as well (April 2010). My partner was diagnosed with SCC of the tonsil. We are through the surgery stage and awaiting the beginning of chemo/radiation. I am on these boards multiple times during the day, sometimes contributing, sometimes just reading. I find myself educated, strengthened, and most definitely not alone.
I hope your results are not cancer...I really do. I am sending positive energy your way so that your next post tells us all is well.
We are here.

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Glenna M
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Jill, I am still holding on to the hope that you will be one of the few lucky ones who find out it is not cancer. I will be thinking of you constantly until we hear the results. I almost feel like I'm waiting for my own results all over again.

As everyone else has said, if it is cancer, we are all here for you and will help you through every step of your treatment and recovery.

Am crossing my fingers and toes for you - Glenna

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Waiting is just awful. Whatever the outcome, you will find on this site a truly amazing bunch of people who will rejoice in your times of hapiness and offer support in times of stress.
Im a healthy person drawing on the pure resources offered by contributors to this site.

Take care
Clear B.

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I hope all went well with your appointment today, what ever the out come we are here to give support and prayer. I know at times in my life I felt so alone in my fight with cancer, but it was then I read a story about foot prints in the sand and it was like it was talking to me. Because when I thought I was all alone it was then that I realize that God was carrying me.

All the best to you.

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what a mess
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You are all so amazing.......thank you for all of your prayers. I think I am going to join Clearblue in continuing to follow these boards.......hoping my doctor is right and not too worried about the other biopsy.......I feel a lot of relief-may god bless you all!! Jill

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what, are you telling us that the doc said it is NOT cancer? If so, PRAISE GOD!! I am so happy for you!! I surprise and relieved at the same time. This is the first time I've such great news. This proves AGAIN that GOD does hear and answer our prayers.
God Bless,

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