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anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3

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I was hoping to find a parent of a child diagnosed with AA grade 3 to talk to. My daughter was diagnosed in March 2010 and has had 2 brain surgeries since then to remove the tumor. She is 12 years old and a loving, helpful, beautiful girl. I have been devestated over this diagnosis and I would like someone who has been through this or is going through this to write back as I am feeling all alone on this one. Tina

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Hi my 4 year old son was diagnosed in February and underwent surgery in April. We are currently undergong treatment in UCSF. How is your daughter doing. Is sh undergong chemo and radiation?

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My daughter is just finishing up on her chemo and she has 8 days left of radiation. She will be on chemo 5 days on, 23 days off after that for 1 year. How about your son? how is he doing? my daughters tumor was removed, was your sons? her tumor was located in the cerrebellum and was the size of a golf ball. She is going to Dartmouth medical center in Lebanon, NH. We are very happy with her team but unhappy with the diagnosis. we had 2 other hospitals do pathology on the tumor and all came back the same. Needless to say it is devastating.

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Hello, My name is Jessica and my 5 month old son was just diagnosed with ANAPLASTIC ASTROCYTOMA GRADE III, He has under went surgery to remove the tumor and had clear margins, however with the GRADE the prognoses is devastating news. I am trying to find support and better understanding the treatments and how other children are doing. I would love any information you are willing to provide about your case and how the treatment is going. god bless your family!

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My 15 year old daughter (now 16) had her surgery June 2012....we were told it would be a low grade and it ended up being called AA.  Left frontal lobe.  She has had a complete excision and has done her 6 wks of radiation.  Now we are in the middle of her Temador treatments.  She has also been enrolled in a clinical trial where she receives Avastin every two weeks.  I know that it is usually used for recurrent or metastatic tumors, but the trial is to see how it works on primary tumors.  Cancer with a child is like going to hell and back, but you are not alone.  We found my daughters completely by accident.  She was playing basketball and fell.  We took her in for a concussion check, and there was a tumor. 



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