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Advanced Stage IVB Vulvar Cancer

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I really need some help and support. My Grandmother was diagnosed with advanced stage 4B Vulvar cancer in Feb.2010. The tumor was removed and she contracted an infection at the wound site. She has already gone through 3 surgeries to try to get rid of the infection and nothing is working. The doctors have tried so may different types of antibiotics and medications to diminish the infection but it is still present. My Grandmothers body is not strong enough to withstand radiation any longer because her body is busy fighting the infection off and since she cannot do radiation or chemo the cancer will continue to spread.

I am very concerned because the doctors are telling my family that there is 'nothing they can do' and that worries me. I understand that this is a very rare type of cancer and she is in an advanced state but I do not want to give up. The antibiotics are not working but I am wondering if there is ANYTHING that can be done to figure this out. The infection needs to be combated and the doctors don't know how. I just need advice, help and support. Thanks

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I'm sorry your grandmother is having such a hard time. Wish I had a magic potion that I could share with you, but I don't. I wish you well through these hard times.

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I am so sorry to hear about your mother's d/x. I wished that I could give you some advice on your situation. All I can do is put your mother in my prayers and asked if you went to another dr. As this cancer is rare. I didnt know about it until they told me I had it. I took alot of sitz baths I stayed in them b/c the sooth the pain. I took it every time I went to the bathroom number one and number 2. Again I will be praying for you and your mom.

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What about homeopathic remedies? I know garlic is a great infection fighter. I tend to turn towards natural remedies in conjunction with the norm.
I too had an infection after my 3rd surgery. Mine is differnt (vulvar melanoma) but all my stitches split and ended with a staph infection. Did they do a susceptibility test to try and find an antibiotic it will react to? I also found adding a BOTTLE of hydorgen peroxide to my sitz bath helped. It helped dry out the infection.
I am so sorry about this. I can't imagine the pain.

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