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First PET scheduled

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Heard from the onco today and he said I'll have my first post-treatment PET scan "around" June 24. I'm a little nervous, but we'll deal with the outcome appropriately when we know it.



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I hope and pray that it will be a good report.

Take care my friend

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Soldier on Mick. Stay positive. I'll be throwing everything positive in that I can as well.


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Hey Mick,

How's everything man? Improving for you I hope. Don't worry about the scan as it is more of a working point scan than anything else. Gives them a starting point. I was flat told it will probably show some hot spots. But I had mine last week and the tech said he didn't see anything to be worried about. Hang in there man.


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Keep busy, and try not to get anxious! All our prayers are with you, and you'll do fine!

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Hi Mick,

It's perfectly normal to be anxious, especially considering what we have been through. More than likely everything will come back clear and clean.....


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Mick, I understand the anxiousness and pray all goes well. Please let us know.
God Bless you friend,

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It's wrong 25% of the time and it can only get down to 9mm. Why the PET and not a PET/CT? If I remember your primary was unknown? If so you might benefit more from a test that can get down past 9mm?

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Ya, you're right it will be a PET/CT.


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D Lewis
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Holding good thoughts for the outcome of your PET/CT!


Kent Cass
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Like rick says, it's wrong 25% of the time. And, as I've stated a number of times- the odds are large that even if something "may have shown," it's too post-treatment early for it to be anything other than a false-positive that's something other than C. Trust me- anything that does supposedly show should be held highly-suspect, and

As your ENT or Onco is telling you (hypothetically) that they really do think it's C, you start a stare-down with them. And, when they're done, just kinda raise your voice a little, asking, "So, how in the H--- did you miss that, Doc! You really gotta explain that to me." Yeah- too early, Mick, so it'll be okay.



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I think it's quite normal for you to be at the least a little nervous Mick. The test is such a simple thing but of course it's waiting for the results that hurts. I got you in my thoughts and prayers that everything works out great for you. My best wishes to you as well.

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