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Very Upset

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I called my Endo's office today because no one had told me whether I needed to be on a low-iodine diet and they haven't called about my bodyscan either. After my surgery(5/6/10) the nurse called to tell me to quit taking the synthroid and that she would be calling me in about 2 weeks. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks and when I called today found out the are on vaction all week!!!! I want to scream!! Ready to get this over with. Well I decided to just put myself on the low-iodine diet.

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Hi SKCalkins,

I go through the same thing with my endo. I wonder if they think it's a joke with what we're going through. After my scans, I don't hear anything from unless I persistently call to find out what's going on. It seems that you preparing for an iodine treatment?

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Yes thats what I understand. I had a biopsy in July of last year that came back beign and he left it up to me when I went back 6 mo. later,the lump was 2.4cm and it was pressing made me feel like I was chocking. Glad I decided to take it out. They did another biopsy while I was still on the operating table, the surgeon was so sure it would come back beign that he started sewing me back up..lol.Surprise!It's a shame cause I really like my Dr. but, not sure if it's him or his staff either way they will get an earful when they get back.

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i feel your pain

i have to call the doctors 2-3 times just to get information from them... another time or 2 to get another apointment scheduled. and then of corse i have to drive 1 hour to the appointments cause thats where the specialists are.

back in december i was telling them my thyroid issue was causing me problems in my neck do to the lump.. when they pulled it out it turned out to be 7.1cm so yea i can understand how it can press on you.

im sure you managed to slip through the system.. it sucks but it happens

good luck in the future

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