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Another Wow

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Well I did see the surgeon yesterday and he is consulting other doctors about this lump he has heard so much about, his words. As far as thinking this is a delayed reaction from radiation he doesn't see the connection since our big toe gets radiated when we are in the machine because the radiation spreads out. He couldn't find the lump just like the other doctors and that is unnerving since this is their business. It isn't until I show them that they find it and this is no small lump or swolen area it is 3 inches long and 2 inches wide and when he found it he was surprised to say the least.
They pain I am experiencing he says couldn't be from the lump but how can you have this much swelling or a lump and it have no effect on your arm and nerves. They said the same thing about the lump that grew in my armpit it couldn't hurt like that though it did.
He felt it wasn't a tumor persay but has not idea what it is and after the consult with radiologists and other doctors I will probably have biopsy in the next two weeks with the use of CT scan to make sure they get the area.
Wow is all I can say when my friends are having biopsies on things that they cannot even feel and they have gone around the block with these two lumps of mine. Mind you the neurologist is the first doctor I have seen that has mentioned a cacinoma instead of breast cancer they all think I am worried about which I am not. But I do know that there are other cancers to worry about after having breast cancer and know anything is possible but they don't think like that since I am cured in their books.
Wow what a ride I have had and hope it ends soon. I waiting in doctors office for 3 hours to see this guy yesterday and that about did me in with my back and leg problems but glad to get in so quickly. Others who had never been to one of these clinics could not believe the wait so I explained to them that they do not rush people out of the office like your GP so it takes more time and one can get allot of reading in while waiting.
Well my sega continues and maybe today or tomorrow will know what has been decided about my lumps.

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