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Great news!

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Well, my surgery was January 21st and here we are at June 1. Look Mom, no pads!!! I was down to one a day, and a couple of weeks ago starting not wearing them when I was just hanging around the house. Since I wourk from home 3 days a week that was a good way to start testing the waters (no pun intended, well okay, maybe). Played 18 holes on Saturday, no problems. It really has been a matter of just healing, and watching what I drink. For example on Saturday, did not have caffeine in the morning, just some orange juice.


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Congrats Joe. Glad to hear the good news.

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Congratulations Joe! I remember my first game of golf about 7 months after the surgery. I used a pad just in case... (Running all the way from the 12 hole back to the clubhouse to change pads can ruin your game.) Anyway, I was surprised to play 18 holes without a leak.

Two and a half years later and I still don't need pads, but like you, I watch what I drink.

I joked with my wife that I was going to sell the rest of my pads on eBay! We'll start the bidding at...

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Skid Row Tom
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Make sure you specify "new". Not much of a market for "used".

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Posts: 54
Joined: Sep 2009

Good point. Okay, forget the great discount I was offering to eBay customers! And the bidding starts at...

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Good news and I know you must be elated. I am 12 ½ weeks post surgery and have been blessed since the day the cath came out on the 12 day. However, last night (after about 6 hours of sleep) I woke to a dream of peeing and sure shite I leaked about a tablespoon or so… I forgot how blessed I have been compared to many of you and this brought the incontinence issues back up with me…I truly feel for anyone going through the issues we go through with this beast…

Best to all

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I had surgery on Oct. 13, 2009 and had to wear pads also for a while. After the first of this year I hardly ever wore a pad unless I was going to do some heavy lifting, then I would leak a bit. When they decided I needed radiation and I had to go for a "simulation" at the VA hospital in Milwaukee, WI I was not overly concerned about it, however, after the simulation I have had to wear pads once again and now with radiation I also have a bit of leaking. Hopefully, once everything is said and done I can be pad free. Good luck in the future to you.

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good news guys it must be a great releif and a financial saving also, I still wear 1 a day dont no why just for work I am not lucky enough to work from home I work in several peoples homes different each day giving showers to the elderly so my pad is just a precaution I am a bit reluctant to try padless at work yet but have had good weekends padless .I am going to try the womens panty sheilds at work when the next box of pads runs out they are very thin I think thats all I need as I only have an occasional drip when helping clients stand up etc
hopefully I to will post padless with great gusto . may the pads stay off and the ed arrise again good luck all shane59

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Skid Row Tom
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Even thou I have an AUS, I still have to watch the dribbles. I've tried a variety of "women's" pantiliners (geez, ain't this humiliating?), but found the best fit was Serenity Tena Pantiliners -- Regular. The best price seems to be at WalMart.

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Good for you Joe... Right behind you.. one pad a day after 4 weeks and mostly dry already..

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Glad you are holding up the 98% club. Keep doing that.

I'm +32 weeks, and, well, still 1-2 per day. The IGRT probably hasn't helped. I was looking to donate my extra pads, but that's on hold for now.

Great news - looking for continued good reports.

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