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Marinol pills

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Hi everyone

Thinking of talking to the doctor about Marinol pills. Has anyone tried these? Thinking it would help Tim's nausea and maybe increase his appetite.

The fews stories I've read on line say it didn't help with the nausea.

Thanks - Cathy

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Cathy, I'm sorry he is having so much trouble. I am not familiar with the pills as I didn't suffer w/nausea. I'm sure you will get great suggestions from others, just wanted to let you both know that you are in my prayers and I'll also cross my fingers that you find something that helps soon.
God Bless you friend,

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Yes they do help, you have to get the dose strong enough for his weight. I was 230 and took 10 mg in the morning and afternoon. They do help with both problems plus they help with the attitude. Give them a try.


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... I kinda wish I'd asked for them.
Guess I'm still missing the '60s.

--Jim in Delaware

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Thank you everyone - I'll let you know what happens. He switched from one nausea pill to another that seems to be helping a little better. Was also going to look into the nausea patch. This is his fourth week of chemo so I'm guessing the best is yet to come!

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