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Bone & Joint Pain

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Diagnosed with prostate cancer January 2010, Initial CT scan showed metastatic lesions.
Bone scan lit up like a Christmas tree. Biopsy showed 2 of 12 cores at 80%. Gleasson score was(5+4) 9. PSA was over 700. Initial treatment was Flutamide & Lupron. Response to medication dropped the PSA to 7. Flutamide was discontinued. Lupron & Zometa were continued. PSA increased to 33. May 2010 started Casodex along with Lupron & Zometa. June 2, 2010 is my next visit to ascertain my PSA level. The question I need help with is the amount of pain I am experiencing and any pain releivers that have been helpful. Curently taking 800 mg of Motrin 2x perday. Afraid to try stronger medication. Appreciate any information available.

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I do not have your pain but I have known others who have. From my perspective you should not worry about the “addictive ” issues with some medications as you are truly in need to manage this pain…This is what pain medicine is for from my perspective. If you live in one of the 13-14 states that allow medical marijuana I would look into this as I understand that several strains of marijuana do assist in management of pain…

You are on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride right now and you need to do what you feel you need to do to manage your pain and journey….god bless you in your journey

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I had surgery a year ago, I was popping Motrin like it was candy all day long, finally, after a month, I had a reaction...it wasn't much, but I phoned and asked if the Motrin could be causing it, doc said yes, and not to take more than 800mg 6 times a day. So, you are way low. I totally quit the Motrin and was fine.

Much good luck.

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