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Aromatase Inhibitors and Vitamin D

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Ok, after having my vitamin D level drop to 25 on arimidex, I went to an endocrinologist. She prescribed 5000 IU D3 per day. Finally, my level is 55 (normal). More importantly, I am having less aches--especially less neck pain. Just thought I'd share my news.

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glad your level improved and you are feeling better. hopefully others will benenfit from this knowledge too

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These vitamin D posts have me back swallowing the horse pills and hoping. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo Lynn

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Megan M
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Lol Lynn!

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That is great that you feel better. Vit D is very important for all of us to take.

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I've read a lot today about the benefits of Vit D 3...I had no idea! So glad your pain is subsiding.

Can't wait to see the affects it has on me...also Magnesium with Vit D is essential and that along with calcium.

The three seem to enhance one another for full benefit.

VITACOST.com is an excellent source for supplements etc. NSI brand was recommended to me as the best buy and most efficient.

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I read recenly (I don't think that it was here) that a study showed that taking vitamin D helps arthritis. I know my knees have been much better since I started taking a vitamin D supplement: I was quite deficient a couple years ago when I was first tested.


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Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

I didn't believe that the 5000 per day that the endocrinologist wanted me to take would raise my level to a normal limit. I really believed that I would have to do the 50000 per week to jump start my level up to normal. But, after just 3 months, my level has come up nicely. She was right and I was wrong, so I am glad I followed her advice. More importantly to me is how much better I feel with my level now 55. I only have rare neck pain now. I was sleeping with a thermacare heating pad on my neck every night. Now that is a rare occurrence. I'm a believer that we really need to check our Vit D levels--especially if we are on one of the aromatase inhibitors (arimidex, aromasin or femara). Hope this helps someone else!

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I so agree that we all need to have our Vitamin D level checked. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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I know that I seemed to get more energy once I was prescribed Vitamin D. It really works!

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Alexis F
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My Vit D level was low and my oncologist put me on prescription strength D. I really felt a lot better in no time.

Glad that it is helping you with your pain!

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Having high Vitamin D levels is probably one of the most important things that you can do to help avoid and cure cancer

Here are some sources of information:

See the Documentation & D*facts sections for many articles, reports & videos.

Download the presentation: Is it true ?

Check the chart for Disease Incidence Prevention.
This shows target levels of 25 hydroxy-vitamin D required to prevent many illnesses

Download: Symposium in Print -Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention: Global Perspective
Shows how supplementation with Vitamin D & Calcium could reduce cancer by 77%

Watch the videos of a scientific conference held at University of California at San Diego
Search by the name of the presenter or “Vitamin D”

There is an excellent 30-minute introduction by Carole Baggerly
There are overview presentations by Frank Garland, Robert Heaney & Michael Holick
Other presentations are by Cedric Garland, Edward Gorham, David Sane & Donald L Trump

Anyone suffering from Cancer should watch the presentations from Holick, Garland & Trump

Reports, factsheets, books and videos from Dr Michael Holick, Professor of medicine, dermatology, physiology, and biophysics at Boston University, USA.

There is an excellent 60 minute presentation on Prospects for Vitamin D Nutrition by Professor Reinhold Vieth about Vitamin D and how it relates to Cancer, Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Excellent overview information, with links to many other sources & websites worldwide
Read the book by Dr James Dowd: The Vitamin D Cure

Excellent source of UK-based information, including 3 online books by Dr Oliver Gillie
Read the book by Dr David Grimes: Vitamin D & Cholesterol, The importance of the sun

Hope this helps


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Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

It may take me awhile but I will try and read them all ;-)

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Yes, thank you for all of those sites. I will try and read most of them too.

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