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Craig....(aka Sundanceh) did I miss

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a post about your drs. visit? I think you said you were going
the end of May and I haven't found where you reported in. If
I missed your post feel free to direct me to it please. I am
hopeful that he had some good news for you. I know that you
don't keep secrets from your family here, so spill it!!!!

I'm thinking maybe you are just really, really busy writing your
best seller. :)

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And Craig, if you are holding out on us because there has been bad news lately, please don't. You are very solicitous of our feelings, but we DO want to know about you, too.


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We need to hear about you as well!


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I don't think you missed anything, Sandy, but if you did...I had opened my post "Sundance vs DaVinci - Round II - Let's Get Ready to Rumble" right after I met with the surgeon.

His recommendation was surgery with the new DaVinci robot the hospital bought him. This from the work we did and the surgeries he has done after me.

The tumor was the size of ping-pong ball...by the time surgery comes up, it will be close to the size of a golf ball. It is growing at a good clip by my measurements - more than doubling every 3 months.

We had predicted about 6-8 weeks out for scheduling - which projects out towards the end of June. I have been waiting on a confirmed time for them to schedule the O/R. Looks like I'll need to contact their office and see where they have me on their calendar.

So, the timeline is moving up. Kim and I have been very busy beavers and trying to get as much done as we can on the "honey-do" list, before they drop me.

I'm concerned about what this surgery will do to me this time. I'm only 7-months removed from the last surgery and the recovery has been difficult for me. At times, I wonder if this is how it will be from here on - struggling with stamina and catching my breath.

And now, Round II.

This will be my 9th surgery in the last 5-years.

That takes alot out of a person. I know each time that I come away less of a man than I was before. I leave a little more of myself behind in the O/R each time. But you do what you got to, right?

I do hope that this surgery will be the last for awhile. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I keep wondering which surgery will finally break the camel's back - or Craig's lungs?

As I said in my newspaper article, "Lungs equal breathing - and breathing equals Life."

We've been so busy handling the physical chores and errands and I need to find some time to get myself ready to go again mentally - right now my focus is on helping Kim get stuff done while I'm still physically able to do so. It will not be easy for her.

When I get a confirmed date for the surgery, I'll post it - just have not had anything change since the Round II post. I'll check into this.

Thank you, ladies:)



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Good to hear you will be getting that operation to get rid of that golf ball! I know how hard that other surgery was on you, and this one will be even harder. Just when you start feeling a little better, there always seems to be something else to knock us down. But what we do is have to keep picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off, and just keep going, pain and all. It sucks, but you're right as well...what are ya gonna do?

I had like 5 surgeries in one year, and it was hell! but I know with you this will NOT leave you less then a man, this will leave you just disabled abit, but in time, the lion will roar again, he always will!

Tell Kim she can always call me for any support she needs, I'm here for her, and she's really sweet, I know she has alot on her table, and I'm lucky in a way now, my kids last day of school is today, so they will be around for me more to take care of me when the Oxy knocks me down for a week. I hate this chemo crap. Just when I'm feeling better, I go get knocked down for another week, it's horrible.

I'm so glad to see you, getting back from the beach and all, and glad to see you're still healthy otherwise. You can do this, you're my lion, and my faith is with you. You know my number whenever you need to chat ;)

Hugsss and Loveee,

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You can always make me smile:)

I'm glad to see you! Know you're beach trip was wonderful - Kim went there too about a week after I first met her and said it was lovely.

Last time I saw you, you were upset on the Round II post - we'll have to have our usual pre-surgery phone call, ok? Hugs and Love to my ((Chicky))

~Your Lion

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I will look forward to that! anytime! you call me before it ;)


P.S. I wasn't upset at you, just upset you had to go through this, upset at your onc! grr!
I still love you though! ;)

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""""FOUR"""" GET THEM TUMOR(S) OUT OF THERE-----""INCOMING"" LOL...good luck on your surgery!!


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I think if anything these surgeries make you MORE of a man; they are a lot to go through + take guts, especially the DaVinci technology which you helped to pioneer.

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Thanks for letting us know what's going on, Craig. We do worry about you, you know. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.


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Praying for you Craig. You are a strong willed person. Hope you have time to relax before your surgery. Take care and God Bless. Margaret

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Paula G.
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Oh Craig, I just read this post. I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through this again. I hope everything will turn out to be fine and that you will recover quick. Sorry for my slow responce. I haven't been keeping up . Good Luck Buddy. I am thinking of you. Paula

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Hi Craig,
Been a while huh, I wanted to wish you the best, I know that you will be strong and have the faith that has brought you this far. You are as always so inspirational to all and I know everyone is here cheering for you! Take care!

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Hey Craig!

Man, life just keeps throwing those curves, doesn't it?! I can't imagine how weary you and Kim must be of preparing for yet another surgery but, like you say, we do what we have to do! You will pull through this- as Donna said, you're a lion!

Keep working on that book- I'm looking forward to being one of the first in line to buy it whenever it's finished! :)

Hugs and prayers,

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Hadn't realized that it was growing that fast. Glad they are scheduling you for the end of the month so they can remove this. Hopefully, this will be the lat of the operations and you will able to heal fully without anymore surgeries. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and please do keep us updated with dates and such. You won't be less of a man, especially to the ones that care for you. Proud of your continued determination.


Posts: 220
Joined: Feb 2009

Sorry for missing your post the first time around, my computer got a virus so I
wasn't on here for a bit! Sure will be praying for you, Craig and also for Kim. Hope this surgery is a simpler one to bounce back from. I know the last one was pretty horrible for you. So, kudos to you for undertaking this once again.

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drats....another surgery....you are very brave to go into this again sweetie...last time was so hard. Not less of a man...no no for sure not!! how brave can one guy be ????

thinking of you Craig and starting up the big wishes and thoughts and energy....we Canadians hear that old line everything is big in Texas....so I guess we'd better get going and send all the northern psychic energy your way......errrrr.....grrrrr.....:)

that's polar bear energy coming your way....

grrrrrr hugs, mags

Fight for my love
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I am sure the coming up surgery will be a successful surgery.If it's growing so fast,it'd better be out as soon as possible.Please keep us informed.You are in my prayers as always.Take care.

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