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high pulse with first chemo

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My mother had her first chemo treatment on Tuesday. She has a power port which is completely under the skin, which is great. She had the combo of carbo/taxo...that may not be completely spelled right,but I am sure you all know what I mean. Anyway, she has been having very high pulse rates since her treatment around 108 to 120. She also feels like her whole insides are contantly shaking. Has anyone had this with their chemo? Thank you in advance for your input.

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BTW she has stage 4 ovarian cancer.

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I had a fast pulse and very shacky inside when I was on Doxil last summer. She should call her Dr, maybe her Dr could give her some xanax or ativan, which takes the edge off.
I know its a terrible feeling I could not relax or sleep.


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The Ativan or lorazapan has been very helpful. Also hot bubblebatgs and meditations.

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after my chemo, sometimes I get the "internal shivers" but it only lasts a few days. I have never had high blood pressure, but I know that would be something to call your doctor about, right away.
Take care,

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my pulse went to 132 on the first chemo but i was very nervous

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Thanks to all of you for the input. She is going to see her gyn/oncologist on Friday.

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Friday is day 4 after infusion, so expect your mother to feel worse then than she does now. My mother had a really hard time through days 3-8, and then it got better. Some temporary incontinence on day 3-5, nothing major. It's very tough, but at age 78 my mother made it through all 6 treatments. Wishing you and your mother the best.

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The steroids given can lead to an elevated heart rate. How long does her heart rate stay elevated? Days? hours?

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Just a thought, but I have very low blood pressure. And chemo caused it go to even lower. Heart rate was high, but I was shaky, dizzy, etc. My normal BP is about 106/65. The chemo brought it as low as 84/78! When I had these episodes I brought it up by nibbling on salty things like bits of potato chips or crackers, and even resorted to having coffee a few times. I wasn't interested in either, but it helped a little. It also helped to walked around the house slowly but consistently. Hope this helps, and I hope your Mom will be doing better soon!

Prayers & Hugs!

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The high pulse rate has been starting as soon as she gets up and continues through most of the day Nancy. She saw her Dr. Friday and he said if it continues he will give her something...he is hoping as the days pass it will stop. She has her next treatment towards the end of the month. Thanks alot for the support.

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