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Turned the corner

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I have finally turned the corner from my April 4th surgery. The incision open wound in half the original size since the reopening but looks good and healthy at the twice a day dressings and packings. Home health nurse comes once a day for on change and I go to Dallas to see the surgeon once a week, a 630 mile round trip. I gained two pounds this last week and food taste normal again. This all sort of kicked in last weekend, surprisingly. I do walk with a pain in the left groin and limp some...they had to cut the nerves and muscle to my thigh getting some of the tumor out. My outer thigh is tingly all the time but I can live with that. I do not find the colostomy bag all that bad. Better than the alternative, I always say!! The colon does not take kindly to the assault of surgery, though, and my innards are still sore to move about.

Age may have something to do with my slow recovery and 29 doses of chemo. HA!

Anyway, I am on the way up and may get to resume chemo at the end of the summer...if this hole heals good.

Check in on you periodically. Thinking and praying for you all. Oh yeah, my surgeon has started praying for me at each office visit. He can say the sweetest prayers I ever heard!!!! Saundra

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Great news Saundra!Congrats, Prayers are great, a great Dr is great, and positive attitudes are great- I am so happy for you- prayers being said for continued success! Michele

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Saundra, so good to hear that things are looking up! You're one tough lady and that's what will keep you going. You continue to inspire many who visit hear!! Annie

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to hear your positive update, Saudra! I'm glad that you are finding the colostomy manageable. I have heard both stories, and I do wonder if it is 80% your outlook on it...... What a cool experience that must be to have your doctor praying for you! And in a country where that is probably not a PC thing to do, right?
Take care,

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Hi Saundra

So glad to hear that you are doing so much better. My thoughts and Prayers are with you.

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Hello Saundra,

Oh my; It's so good to see you are making such strides in your progress.

I've been wondering how you are doing and it sounds like my prayers have been answered.

Continued blessings to you and your family for properity and strength.

Take care,


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Tina Brown
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I am please to read you are able to get out and about. You are such a brave lady, you are surely blessed. I hope you continue to heal.
Love Tina

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DEarest Saundra, My heart jumped for joy reading your update... you just keep on keeping on, each day will continue to get better. I love that your doc prays for you ~ God is good. Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie

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Saundra, that is music to our ears. My grandson had two separate colostomies - the first he does not remember, he was that young - and the second when he was 9-12 years old. He just amazed us all by never once letting it slow him down. He swam (with a shirt on), raced bikes, competed in gymnastics, etc. To other people, it seemed like the worst thing in the world and they always said, "Oh, that poor baby." After awhile, though, it became the norm to us. And as you pointed out, it sure beats the alternative. We never lost sight of that and I am glad to hear that you haven't, either.


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Hopefully you will continue to regain your strength. Best of luck!!

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Dear Saundra,

I was so pleased to read your good news. I remember when I was recovering from my surgeries, each day I would look for some small improvement, even if it was the most minute thing. I'd say, "I'm getting a little better every day and tomorrow will be a little more improved".

Enjoy your improved health and the beautiful weather this Memorial Day.



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Dear Sundra

I am happy that you start feeling better.It is a great news.I wish you get better every day. you strong lady! You are all my hope.hug

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Hi Saundra,

So good to hear things are going well for you-and I compliment you on your uplifting outlook!

I wonder if your doc recommended a wound vac for your wound. I know it might have been complicated (having the colostomy), but I've had both the wound packing routine (which I did myself) and the wound vac, and I think the wound vac was a better option for me. On the other hand, who needs to drag another piece of medical equipment around?

Keep up the good work! It's great to hear you're up and about! Sue

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You will always be in my prayers and I know with each day your strenght will continue to grow.

I love to hear that your doctor prays for you.. what a great doctor!

God bless you Saundra


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I just finished reading your profile. Your first experience with Carbo/Taxol mirrored mine exactly. And, like you, the rest of the sessions I found to be much easier.

I also agree with what you wrote about survivors...."I just wish more people would come back after being gone so long to let us know they are ok."

If I am still alive five years, ten years.....however many years from now, I will come back to post, and hopefully boost the spirits of other women who are struggling with "the beast".


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I just read this post.. sorry for the year and 1/2 delay in the answer.. but, I think that what you wrote is so important and I agree with you completely. You are much more active on here than I am. I really miss seeing the older members post and I love reading the survivor post.

Thank you Charlene.. you are always so uplifting and positive..

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I don't think my doctor is a believer. When I asked him if I could take Communion when I was in the hospital and NPO (nothing by mouth), he kind of waved his hand and said, "Go ahead....I'm not going to mess with THAT."

I got the feeling he thought it was about the same as if I had asked to wave a handful of chicken bones around or stick pins in a voodoo doll labeled "cancer". Come to think of it.......is that such a bad idea? (The voodoo doll, not the chicken bones.)


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So good to see your update. I have not been on much either. Briefly to see how everyone is doing.

Glad you are mending. And so thankful you have a surgeon that will pray specifically for YOU!!

Love you,

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I think is is awesome that your surgeon not only said he would pray for you, but that you heard the prayer. May all of these prayers be answered!

May you continue to grow in strength and love,

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Your wonderful news! It truly is a blessing. That de-bulking surgery, et.,al, can really take it's time to heal, especially with extensive work on the colon. You just keep on swinging, don't you? Atta girl. I'm going to follow your lead.
Blessings, and congratulations!

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Saundra, such good news. Sorry I didn't post sooner, no excuse just still reading and learning about everyone. I am a 1 year survivor and 7 months NED. This is such an awesome place to come and feel the love. We are all on a roller coaster journey and only god knows what will happen to us all. Much love, Elaine

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