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Horrific Cough

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My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC. His coughing episodes are becoming horrific. Nothing seems to suppress them.

Anyone found something that helps.



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I've heard of people having good luck with Mucinex DM, which is both an expectorant and a cough suppressant, but you should always ask the doctor to be sure nothing in it will conflict with whatever treatment your father-in-law is having. Not to mention, it would be a good idea to find out why he is coughing, first. It could be a byproduct of treatment, or something else, like an infection...
Best of luck, Deb

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Thanks Deb,

We took Andy, my father-in-law to the ER by ambulance. Turns out the coughing is from
a secondary infection.

He's stable right now.

Being very new to all this, every little twist and turn creates panic.


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i have lung cancer it is a rare type it comes from the skin called basal cell carcinoma their is know treatment i have look up everything on basal carcinoma .i have had abunch cut off 18 years ago i had one taken of the back of my right leg.somehow 9 11 09 i found out my lung where full of basal cell carcinoma that mestatised from my leg to my legs.300 hunderd cases in the world since 1895.i have for tummors and a bunch of mets in my lungs i have looked all over for clinic trail they are all close god is the one keepinh me alive.i shortly got a bad cough and the frist put me on these little yellow cough jels it help some but i was still cough day and night and i heard a lot of wheeze so i was so trie i didnt have enough of air to gog to my lungs so my doctor said i had alot of whezzee he but me on oyxgen cause when i got up to move it would drop to 88 but when i sat still it would be 95.so he gave me a breathing treatment to clear the infection up.and then he wrote me a prescrip for cough sypry with codien and it help but once he cleaed the infection i did cough so much hardly ever.youre family will be in my prays and god will take care of youre father in law and youll just remmber even though it is scarer god is youre creator he will guide u through it.god bless shirley

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