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Wonderful news

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Hi Everyone,

My dad had a checkup with the chemo doctor yesterday and got the best news. His doctor told him that it is nothing short of a mircle how much his tumor his disappeared at only half way through treatment. All of the swelling has gone down in his face and the doctor could not believe that this was the same person he saw at the begining of April. He also said that his mouth shows no sign of sores or infection.

My parents and I want to thank everyone on this site for their support and advice through this. Also, thank you for all the prayers. Please pray that this continues.


Kathy (Kitty)

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That is so awesome. I hope that your father continues to do well thru his treatment. Stuff like that is always music to my ears.

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There has been so much GOOD new's here latley! Everyone keep up the Great work and fight the fight...it can be WON! Thanks to all who supported me and my hubby Bob through this ordeal....now if we can get him to eat..any suggestions besides soup and Ensure????????? He had some Mac and Cheese last night and that worked....but everything is too hard for him to eat..I sure wish he still had that feeding Tube still in...

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Congratlation's! I am so happy for your dad!

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Glenna M
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That's incredible news Kathy. I am so happy for your father, you and your family.

I will definitely keep your father in my prayers.

My best to all of you,


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Great news, there is a lot to be said about the power in one single prayer, combine that with many other prayers and miracles can happen.

God be wit you both.

Kent Cass
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Yes, this is most welcome news for y'all, as it is for us, Kathy. Reckon your Dad is very optimistic, now, about the fact he's gonna survive this thing very well, and the Positive mindset we all need is now fully with him. Truly is great to hear this news. And, I do reckon the Prayers will continue, as he's still got a ways to go.



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Puma, that is absolutely awesome! This is exactly the news we love to hear. You know we will continue to keep your dad in our prayers. This is just great. I'm so excited. Please keep us posted. Take care.
God Bless,

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