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pic of husband!

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Joined: Feb 2010

That's him! back to hunting! it's not all good ... but the good is out weighing the bad!

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Tell him to keep it up! I understand about not all good but if he is like me, all things considered, I can live with it. The more stuff he does that he used to do before the closer he will get to the man he was before. Take care.


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I agree with Mike, may not be all Good but good enough, keeping positive and doing the things he enjoys are the best kind of medicines.

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Glenna M
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Glad to hear your husband is back to hunting, it's one step closer to getting back to the way he was. Every step is a great accomplishment!!

My best to you and your husband - Glenna

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wife, that is fantastic!!!! Good for him and YOU. Take care. ps, very nice pic.
God Bless,

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VERY nice picture! Glad to see he is getting back into living life:)


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I'm so glad your husband is once again able to do what he loves. As a brother hunter, I fully understand how much that can mean. I was less than a month out of treatment (Stage III tonsil cancer, 30 rads, two rounds of Cisplatin) and feeling pretty low when some friends in my hunt club took me duck hunting. I was pretty weak, but they fixed me up with a great caller and a couple of good dogs, and it meant the world to me. (Got a few ducks, too.)
A month later I was back in my deer stand -- took two deer that year -- and now, two years later it's almost as if the nightmare of cancer never happened.
My best to your husband.

--Jim in Delaware

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I know how you feel. My mom and I were happy when my dad had a cheeseburger for lunch the other day. That is the first he had one since Feburary.

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