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bone loss in jaw question

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My husband has been told that he has bone loss around one of his teeth and it probably will have to come out. The dentist told him because his blood counts were back to normal there shouldn't be an issue with this. I have read many comments on here about special procedure. .. hyperberic stuff, etc. is what the dentist is telling us true or should I look for someone else?????

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The first thing I would do is talk to my radiation oncologist about this. As this is truly the only person that knows the amount of damage the radiation may have caused and if hyperbolic oxygen treatment would be beneficial. I would also ask for a dental referral if he knows of someone that might be versed in treating head and neck cancer patients.

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I don't know anything about that but there is a topic on here about that very subject. You may want to read the posts from that but also here are 2 or the sites recommended on that topic. I wish your husband that best.



God Bless,

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I agree with SASH, don’t do anything with out talking to your oncologist doc, he could loose the complete Jaw bone. I have the same problem the only way one of my teeth will get pulled is to do hyperbaric treatment first.
All the best to you both

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ok he went to his radiation oncologist this afternoon, that Dr is going to call the dentist tomorrow.
Hondo... when you say he could loosde his whole jaw bone...do you mean because of the radiation or because of what the Dentist could do to him??? .
and these treatments... will he just need one treatment before they pull a tooth? does insurance usually cover this?...cost????
as always THANKS SO MUCH!
on a better note.. he put weight on this week!!! and uses his tube for nothing!..(hope that doesn't chage with this dental problem)

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I just completed hyperbaric treatment and oral surgery for Osteoradionecrosis (damage to bone and tissue from radiation). I had a lower molar loose. When I went to the dentist he said I needed to see an oral surgeon. It was determined that the damage was such that without hyperbaric treatment it would not heal after surgery.

I would recommend you find an oral surgeon that is up to date on radiation treatment for head and neck patients. Your Radiation Oncologists should know who to recommend.

I'm two months post op and everything is healing according to plan.

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