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music therapy

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Music helps a lot of people to get through bad situations and pain.
It helped my grandmother who suffered intestinal cancer as well.
Whether it's just songs you listen to or music you play on your on, there are so many ways to help your soul.
Does or did music help you through your cancer process? What were the changes?
It'd be so great if someone would answer.

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Last summer, when my mother was recovering from surgery and chemo, my brother installed satellite radio in her sewing room so she could listen to the '40's station (she's nearly 80). Don't know if you call it music therapy, but I often observed that the happiest moments of her day took place with the radio blaring Sinatra and such (she's half deaf). She was totally disinterested in "new" music, and when people gave her CDs to enjoy during her recovery, she listened to two cuts and gave them away. She wanted HER music from HER era, and once she got it, there was joy. She's sewing and listening less these days, but the music is still there when she's ready.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Isi
Thank you for this post. I think it will be quite helpful. My dad recently passed in March from esophageal cancer with mets to the liver. We received relaxation tapes, free of charge from The HR Bloch Foundation. They come in cd or cassette form. This proved to be very helpful to my dad while he was going through his chemo and radiation treatments. They also have three very good books, also free of charge. How to Deal With Cancer, Cancer There Is Hope, and The Cancer Caregiver. Hoping this will help others in their journey with cancer.

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Music is a very powerful tool sometimes for good and sometimes for bad is can change out mood in many directions depending on the tone. when I do listen to music I love to listen to old time gospel music to me is it very relaxing

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