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surgery for my dad

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My dad had a part of the right uppper lobe removed last Tuesday, the 18th and today he says that he feels like he is not getting better...He is not moving around like I think he should and he says he is shorter of breath than he was two days ago. A week out of surgery, how much does he need to be walking? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? We are from Illinois and the humidity here is making it worse. I just wanted to hear from others that had been here and any words of wisdom.

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My lung cancer was not operable but I would call his doctor and get specifics for his recovery plan.

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Hi- I'm from the east coast and shortly after my surgery 2 years ago we had horrible heat and humidity and pollution from another state drifting in. I felt the same way as your Dad. I was put on an inhaler and boy did that help. Normally he should be walking everyday and increasing the length of time. However that needs to be determined by his dr. The best of luck.!!! I've had lung cancer 2 times, 14 years ago in my right lung(entire lower lobe removed). Two years ago I had upper lobe and linguala removed plus the pulmonary artery reconstructed.

PBJ Austin
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I second the recommendation to call the doctor, ASAP. But tell your dad not to get too discouraged. This is major surgery and a week is not very long to recover. If he is older it will be even more difficult. He might need to hear this from the doctor so do call immediately. Good luck, I know this is a tough recovery.

PBJ Austin
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I was just out walking the dog and thinking of your dad and I began to wonder--is he getting enough pain medication? I always felt more winded and had a harder time walking when I was in pain. I had a heck of a time getting my pain under control but it can be done. Good luck once again.

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