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porocarcinoma survivor story... please

Bianca S.
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I was first diagnosed with Squamous cell, but when the labs came back it was worse, porocarcinoma which is apparently much nastier and easily spreads, I think. Did a CT which came back normal. (yeah!!) I have a great doctor with a postitive attitude, but they all talk about the best case scenario. I have a small wonderful support network already. On the other hand, I can only find the worse case scenarios in my on-line research. Surfing the net scared the hell out me. I stopped after about an hour, but would like to hear from someone dealing with this longer than I.

Bianca S.
Posts: 3
Joined: May 2010

So far, I am my own answer. Had MOHS surgury and a clean bill of health. Scar is still healing and no signs of spreading.

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thats fantastic news!
sorry you have had no responses to date...
i have never heard of porocarcinoma before.

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My boyfriend was just diagnosed with porocarcinoma a few days ago.  We still don't know yet if it had spread anywhere but hoping for the best.   Have you had any recurrence since 2010?  

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Early dectection is key.  I had surgery on March 18th.  I thought I was going in for a routine out patient removal of a cyst.  10 days later I find out that it was Porocarcinoma.  6 months later and many additional test everything is still looking up.  Tell him to keep positive and monitor everything closely and he will live a long and wonderful life.

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I also originally had a fluid filled cyst removed from the back of my leg near my knee.  The results suprisingly came back as a porocarcinoma.  My surgeon recommended additional surgery to have a wider margin removed and then he refered me to a local onocolgist.  Due to it being a rare form of cancer I elected to go to the cancer center at Duke University Hospital instead.  The team of doctors there recommended a PET scan (which my insurance would not cover, I had 3 CT scans instead), a sentinal lymph node biopsy, and additional wide margin surgery.  That was all completed in April 2015.  The test came back with clear margins and the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes or major organs.   I never had a moments trouble or pain after the surgeries.  That should be the end of the story but 4 months later I sometimes have a new burning sensation near the site that makes be worry.  Am I being paranoid?  Is there any way they can tell if the cancer has returned without additional surgery.  Are you still cancer free?

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