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Scan results

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Bad but not as bad as I expected. Increased activity in liver mets and new lymph activity in abdomen. The doc is talking about clinical trials but I am going to md Anderson. Time to run with the big dogs now. The positive side is that it has not spread to lungs and there are no new lesions but the ones that are there have increased in activity in spite of treatment. He put me on morphine which I don't think is a good sign. So, it's a bad situation but I still don't think it's hopeless.


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when are you able to get in to Anderson? Eric are you feeling the need for the morphine, or do you have it just in case? You are certainly NOT hopeless, just gotta pull in some other minds here, which is your plan.

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I asked for pain medication as needed. He went straight to morphine. I was expecting vicodin.


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I am so sorry that you didn't get the scan results that we all were wishing & hoping for.
MD Anderson might be just the right thing to do now, go consult with the big dogs.We live in hope always and I'm hoping those big dogs have some better answers and ideas for you.

I am glad to see that you don't think it is hopeless. My feelings are that nothing is hopeless unless or until one gives up hope.My thoughts and prayers are with you and I will be hoping that your situation improves greatly.

Peace, love, & hope to you..


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WOOF! Glad you are going for a run. Roger's oncologist at Wake Forest recommended Cathy Eng at MD Anderson. I know other folks have mentioned her as well.
Time to look at it from another angle. Definitely not hopeless.
I will be thinking about you.

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No arguments from this corner, Eric.

I was hoping for better, but your earlier post had it pegged pretty well...you know your body better than anybody. Having known you for awhile, I know you are not a quitter, and I sense none of that in you.

260 miles south down I-45 may very well hold an answer to your situation - I hope that will be the case. I'm going to believe that it will.

It's good to hear from you. Tell mama hi!


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WARNING: a long story but perhaps some might like it

The Sweetest Strawberry the World Has Ever Known (retold by Nasruddin)

Good day! My name is Nasruddin. I was born in Amritsar in the Punjab, in India. Or...it was so long ago... it may have been in Cairo, in Egypt. In fact, I think it was Newark, New Jersey, though my uncle claims it was Turkey, and my birth certificate says Balkh, in what is now Afghanistan.

Anyway, I was born, and I stand here as proof. I would like to tell you about the time I went to see my friend Tekka. I met Tekka when he was a young man, but that is another story altogether. So I was here, and Tekka was in his home village, and all that lay between us was a desert and a jungle.

The desert was easy. Twelve days under the burning sun...no sweat. Well, not exactly, but to return to the story, I came to the jungle. If you have ever seen a jungle, you know that it is big, and dark, and very green. The trees are tall, the bushes are thick, and there are lots of little animals moving about, making you think they are big animals!

Well, the path was narrow, and the jungle on either side was thick and noisy, and closed over the path in a way that made me a little nervous. But I love my friend Tekka, so I said to myself, "Nasruddin, you are a stalwart soul, and you must go through this jungle in order to see Tekka. Just think of it as taking a walk through the jungle!" I tried to argue with myself, but it was no use. I had to go.

So I started off through the jungle, and the path was not so bad when my eyes got used to the gloom. I was walking happily along, when I heard a noise behind me: "hhahh... hhahh... hhahh." I looked over my shoulder, and saw, to my surprise, a tiger was also taking a walk through the jungle!

"Ah," I said to myself, which was the best I could do in the circumstances. Then I had a thought, which was fortunate. "It is never too late to begin an exercise regimen. Why not start with jogging, for your health, that is." I agreed, and began at once. There I was, jogging through the jungle, enjoying what remained to me of my health, when I heard a sound behind me: "hhahh...hhahh...hhahh." I looked over my shoulder, and – what do you know!– the tiger had also taken up jogging! Although I think the tiger was less interested in exercise, and more interested in nutrition!

Due to the beneficial effects of exercise, my brain was functioning more efficiently. "If you can jog, surely you can run," I told myself. "Why not try for a world record?" It's amazing how quickly you can come to an agreement with yourself. I began immediately to see if I could set a new world record for land speed running. I tore through that jungle as if the path were a highway.

I am certain a world record was within my grasp, if only a judge with a stopwatch had been there. And when I heard a familiar sound behind me, which I probably don't have to explain sounded like "hhahh-hhahh-hhahh," I didn't even have to stop and look to know the tiger was also bent on setting a world record.

So there we were, the two athletes running like the wind through the jungle! It was thrilling! It was exciting! It was terrifying! Suddenly, there was no jungle!

There was no path either, only the blue sky, and a cliff, and me, Nasruddin, falling down it. I said to myself, "Aaauughh!!" but it did no good. So I grabbed onto a bush.

(Did you ever notice, every single time you fall down a cliff, there's a bush to grab onto. Check it out for yourself!)

So I grabbed this bush, and held on for dear life. I clung to it with all my strength, which I needed, because there was the tiger looking down at me, saying "hhahh...hhahh...hhahh." "Don't you know any other words?" I said. Apparently not, because the tiger continued to say the same thing over and over. I looked desperately about me for a way out, and could find none. Then I noticed the roots of the bush begin to pull out of the cliff, one by one.

"Nasruddin," I said, and I have a little song I sing to myself when I am in trouble, which seems to be more and more often these days, "Nasruddin, you have been/ in better sit-u-a-tions." It's a nice little song, very comforting. It certainly helped at that moment.

Then I heard a sound behind and below me that sounded strangely familiar: "hhahh...hhahh...hhahh."

"Wait!" I said to myself, "I thought I left that sound safely up above!" I looked down, and saw that the bad always comes with the good. Why is that, do you think? The good was that the cliff was not very high, and I would not be hurt if I fell. The bad was the other tiger standing below me, looking up!

There I was, hanging on the face of a cliff from a bush whose roots were pulling out, with a tiger above me and a tiger below me. I thought it was a good moment for my little song, so I sang again, "Nasruddin, you have been/ in better sit-u-a-tions." It had its effect – my head was clear, and I cast about desperately for a way out of my predicament. I assure you I didn't think of the word predicament at the time.

I looked on both sides, and suddenly spied a little green bush, with a single red berry. It was a wild strawberry! Now, my philosophy is always to enjoy yourself to the fullest, wherever you are. So I got a good grip with my toes, which are considerable, and held the bush with one hand, and reached out, risking all, and picked that strawberry.

And did I eat it? Oh, yes, my beloveds, I did. And I am here to tell you that if you are hanging on a cliff from a bush that is pulling out by the roots, and there is a tiger above you and a tiger below you, and you find a strawberry and you eat it, that will be the sweetest strawberry the world has ever known!

* * *

But wait...what about the tigers, and the cliff? How am I here to tell the tale? Well, here it is: they were nearsighted tigers, and when they got a close look at me, they lost their appetites.

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What a fantastic story; there is a lot of truth in that. Thanks for sharing it.

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Thank you for sharing your results and your positive spirit. Praying that MD Anderson has JUST what you need to fight bak the beat.


When are you scheudled for md anderson????


Fight for my love
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I have been wondering about you and I was just about to send you a message.It's good to know it is not worse than expected.Anyway,good luck with your MD Anderson trip.You are in my prayers as always.Take care.

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Looks like you are ready to go battle to get this stuff knocked down. You have a fighting spirit. So it sounds like pretty much what you expected and what you expected sucks Eric. If there is any good to all this at least it is not in the lungs.

Hopeless, heck no, you got lots of fight in you and fight you will. MD Anderson may just be your ticket, the "big guns".

Take care - Tina

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Thanks for the story, lesvanb. I still remember that old post - Ain`t dead yet. It left an impression on me. As for when I am going to MD Anderson. I`m not sure. My dear mother is making the arrangements today. Craig - Buddy. I will tell the mom you said hi and I dont know if you got a message from thready yet but thready wants to plan a north texas get together. See ya` soon


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I am hoping you get help at MD Anderson very soon. I got a PM from Craig. He said that this weekend was taken so I will PM you and him about next weekend. I am looking forward to meeting you guys in person.

My thoughts and prayers are with you! (I would call the Dr's office about getting a different pain med if you think Morphine is going to be too strong.)

Talk to you soon,


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Even if you don't see me posting so often,I always have you in my thoughts,and you are everyday in my prayers.

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Hi Eric: md Anderson is rank number one in treating cancer hospital in USA, I would go there asap, I know a young man who was dx cc in 2003 met to liver and lung lymph, he is still going with this journey, you can type in www.hewletts.org his name is Greg, he live in Richardson, I think is close to Dallas, he is been treat in mdAnderson by DR Eng his onc. I will pray for you.


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holding you in the Light with hope and healing.

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You sound so positive, you are indeed an inspiration to me. I pray for good results with your current quest into trials; you will be blazing trails for the rest of us!

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I hope things go well at MD anderson,and I would ask the doctor about the morphine,if you don't want it then ask for the vicoden.I'll pray things go well.

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I'm really sorry your report wasn't better. I just love your kindness, your humor, and your spirit, and it pains me for you to have to go through all this. I pray that the doctors at MD Anderson will be able to come up with something wonderful for you.

Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going.


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Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you....hoping for the best.
Heard lots of good things about MD Anderson...Good luck!

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thinking of you. sorry your results aren't what you had hoped for. Keep fighting. Keep us posted about MD Anderson.


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So sorry that this has not come out better but glad that doctor is talking to you about different alternatives as far as trials. Glad it has not spread. Hope your pain is controlled by the morphine. Always give hope in every situation. You always have a good attitude.


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Hi Eric,

I have missed you lately on the board. I am glad you have a strong plan in going forward to a well-respected facility. I am also glad the scan was not as bad as you expected; sorry it wasn't as good as you would have liked. I wish you all the best with the next meeting. And is nice you "north Texans can have the opportunity to get together! Take good care! You have a great attitude + fantastic sense of humour.

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It could have been better and it could have been worse too. It sounds like you're getting a plan down.

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Will be keeping you in my prayers, hope you can get to MD Anderson soon.

God Bless

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Paula G.
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All great comments. Loved Leslie's , Craigs and all the others. Sorry the news wasn't what I had hoped for you, Eric. Glad you have a plan. Let us know what you find out and when you go. Thinking of you and hoping for the best. Paula

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I have a friend who has been battling pancreatic cancer for around 5 years now. In the very beginning he went to MDA. I don't think he'd still be around had he not gone there. They do some great work and have access to a lot of good clinical trials too. I hope they have something just right for you.

As for the morphine, I wouldn't take that as a sign of anything. My oncologist's office never wants anyone in pain. They offered me morphine for my severe mouth sores (I don't tolerate Vicodin, Percocet and those drugs well, so I refuse to take them). Without me asking for anything, they wanted to give me pain drugs for my pancreatitis. They easily throw pain killers out there for anyone with cancer. I know this isn't the case with every oncologist, but maybe yours is like mine.

Praying for good options at MDA for you.

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