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Chemo resistance

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10 years ago my father had colon cancer/colon surgery. After several surgeries due to complications he was left with a colostomy. In March he was diagnosed with liver cancer and lung cancer that met from the colon cancer. the onc has given him 6months to live, with no other treatment options other than systemic chemo. He began treatment and has had 4 treatments is responding to very well. His jaundice has gone and he feels much better although he is still very tired and doesn,t eat much at all. We are very greatful that things are going so well. I have heard that most cancer patients develop a resistance to their chemo treatments, if that,s true when can we expect that might happen, how many more good days will we have? will he suffer even more at the end? My fathers overall health is poor for a man only 63 yrs young, were all broken hearted, this is so hard. Thank you for any info you may have

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Do Dad a favor, and make some appointments for other opinions.

You would want to find colorectal and/or gastrointestinal surgeons
that are not of the same group or organization and your present physician.

Getting more than one or two opinions should be mandatory, since
physicians are only human, and their opinion is just that.... an opinion.

There are frequently new techniques and procedures that many
physicians miss knowing about due to their own busy schedules.
One way they keep up with things, is from fellow physicians
that are more familiar with the new techniques, and that is usually
through the "second opinions" their own patients relay to them.

Dad is young yet, and sounds like he can go a lot longer than
some opinions might have it.

Even if all else doesn't pan out, there are still countless alternatives
to look into.

We that have this "C" word, don't quit too easy.... You shouldn't either.

Stay well and strong, and make sure Dad does as well!

Take care!


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I would second Johns opinion about a second opinion. I think it would be hard to say when your dad's cancer may become resistant to treatment. Everyone is different. Get into a clinical trials matching service. I would begin to collect as many feasible options as you can. Its all about options, once those are gone then you are on your own. I would read some survivors postings on here about diet and nutrition. 2behealed has a great way of doing the nutritional side, its important, its like chemo that you give yourself. Keep on trucking, I figure as long as I am breathing I have a chance. Yesterday I felt so horrible in the morning on the way to work that it was making me sad. Then I thought here I am, the day is just starting and I already feel defeated. Then I told myself that this could be the best day of my life if I would just give it a chance. Then later on in the morning I got real good news about my ct scan. Keep positive, its important.

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the chemo (what is your father taking?)As each of us responds differently, no guarantee regimen will stop working for your father. As John and Zenmonk stated, second/third opinion might give better prognosis as no one really knows when we'll breathe our last breath; plus each doctor has his/her area of expertese and another doc may be more helpful,experienced,etc. Nutritition drinks (Boost Plus, Ensure Plus, CVS brand, etc) may help with feeding; always let doctors know how your father is feeling/reacting as there are meds and other aides for chemo-related problems. Having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, however difficult at times, may be the most important thing your father can do for himself in his battle.......steve

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10 years ago - wow! this is amazing compared to many! One thing you need to know is your dad does not have liver and/or lung cancer. He has colon cancer that has metastasized to his liver and lungs - doctors will refer to it as mets. A secondary or metastatic tumors from the original tumor - colon. Both of these organs are common places for colon cancer to metastasize (or spread). I have heard cancer can become chemo resistant but it would take a lot of treatment before this would happen. If he had been off treatment for a long time and has just started back then he should not have resistance to the chemo. But like others have said you should really get other opinions as well. Drs will normally start with standard FDA approved treatment - there are 1st, 2nd and even 3rd line treatment to try before moving to clinical trials. I'm sure he would have to fail on 1st and 2nd line before being considered for clinical trials. This is usually the qualifying criteria in order to be considered for most clinical trials. Hope this info helps you. There are many people on this board with lots of information that can help you and your dad. Don't be broken hearted - stand strong! Show your dad support.....not sadness! and be uplifting for him. Blessings.

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