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I am seriously confused about the iodine diet. they said to have no iodine but packaging dont list iodine. how can you know what to eat. I want to do this right so i dont have to do it again. im on my own with a child and i am scared. if anyone can tell me how to know if food has iodine i would greatly appreciate it.


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    check the ThyCa website for more info
    Here is a link the the 6th edition of the ThyCa low-iodine diet cookbook:

    I have seen the ThyCa info referenced in several thyroid disease books. Basically, you should not eat anything from the sea (fish, shellfish, kelp, seaweed), no dairy, no soy, nothing with iodized salt... Fresh fruit, veggies, meats are Ok. They also recommend that you prepare food ahead of your two weeks since dealing with the diet can be difficult when you are severely hypothyroid. If you don't stick to the diet, you could mess up your radiation treatment and whole body scan.

    When will you be on the diet? I start my 2 weeks on the diet on 6/16.

    Good luck!