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Acupuncture for E.D.Rehab?

Hockey Nut
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Joined: Nov 2009

Hello to all my brothers.My first post.I am 6 months post daVinci.Been using the Pump and pills for past 3 months.Has anyone had positive results with Acupunture for recovery from ED?Do you know of any trustworthy studies of this?I spoke with a Chinese Dr. in Tampa who said she can help me with the nerve trauma and recovery.Thank you to all.

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Joined: Jan 2010

No cant say I have heard about it but I beleive it can cure lots of stuff. I just use calais that works for me you just have to watch the side affects and way up the pros and cons somtimes not sure if its worth the side affects . shane59

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Skid Row Tom
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I tried acupuncture for both incontinence and ED -- it didn't help. Hopefully, it may help you.

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