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My brother

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I just got off the phone with him everything has been good still on chemo for the gmb stage 4 but cat scan done recently is showing some growth in the same area they will do a pet scan and then know for sure ( I hope) I am so scared. but he still has options and i so thankful for that if it cancer they will go in and remove it .It will be a year next month the he was dx.So he has done great and i will hope that will continue. For the past couple of weeks i have been crying alot can't sleep I just miss angel so much my days feel so long. I just needed to get that out about my only brother our mom Died of brain cancer 49 my uncle her brother died of brain cancer if that is weird. But anyway brother needs good vibes and strength right now an so do i. thanks for letting vent.


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Just keep Praying and stay positive. Easier said than done! This is the place to come to vent. Take care and God Bless. Margaret

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Michelle....my heart goes out to you....enough already!!!!

I am sending all best wishes to your bro Michelle and some extra hugs for you. I am sure you miss Angel so much....vent away ....:)


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I'm still keeping up with you, Michelle. Hope your brother continues to improve especially as it apparently runs in your family, as you say.

I've been on here almost a year and joined right after you had lost your husband. It's been a long year for so many folks here, and I'm sure the days are long for you without Angel.

You've been through a tremendous amount - hope your granddaughter is doing well with her JRA as well - I've thought about that still.

You keep going, Michelle:)

Good things will come to a nice person such as yourself.


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I needed your kind words right now haley is doing well still on her two injections a week she is such a trooper. and thanks for asking.


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..You keep hanging in there baby, keep looking forward, you can bet Angel is watching over your brother and helping you stay strong. I am soooo glad to hear that he is going to get the monster out, and so glad he's improving, that's a plus, eh? I love hearing from you, and know my prayers are still always with you. Please keep us updated about him, and know that Angel is still with you.

Love ya and Hugsss!

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Sometimes peoples strength just blows me away. You have got to be one of the strongest women I know and it saddens me when I see you going through a hard time in your life. I wish I could be there just to give you a hug because you really need one right now. You just keep being you because a lot of people look upon you for strength if this crazy fight.


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I'm sorry your brother has to go thru this,but it is good that they can take it out.I'm sorry that you have to go thru this.I will pray for both of you,and send good vibes.

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I think of you often and how much you miss Angel. I'm sorry I was not on the board when he was here, sounds like a good guy. Have a good crying spell, sometimes it helps to get this out and not hold it in. Come on here and vent all you need to, you are family, I hope you know that. I hope your brother continues to do well.

Take care Tina

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For you and your brother. I'm sorry you are having a hard time, I pray God wraps His arms around you and you are comforted and strengthened. You have come such a long way and you are a very tough woman! Stay strong, and I pray for better days.

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Hi, Michelle.

You've had such a heavy burden already. I do hope and pray your brother will have lots of time left to spend with you and the family.

I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time lately. You and Angel were very much in love, and I know you just miss him so very much. I pray it will get easier for you, although I know you will always love and remember your precious husband.


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holding you and your brother in the Light. I joined the board after your precious Angel took flight but I swear, I feel like he's here when you talk about him!
Peace and Love,
In the Light,

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Wish I could give you a big hug right now - you have been through so much. Sorry the cat scan is not better than what was expected. Hoping you get a break from all this soon. You are always in my thoughts.


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again to all, i do hope all will be ok and i could stop worrying so much about everything. and i do need a big hug and i do feel like i am getting that here even if its not the physical.


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Hi Michelle,

I am sorry yor brother (+ you) are going through this. You have a lot to contend with. Although I was not on the board when Angel was here, I feel the love you feel for him in every post you write. Thank you for being on the board! I wish your brother the very best with results. Take good care of yourself.

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