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cervical cancer/pain medication

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer over 2 months ago. I believed I was going through perimenopause and had a lot of bleeding, however, it got so bad I had to have a blood transfusion, and that is when the cancer was discovered. The first pap test showed pre-cancer, but there is a large tumor 9 cm by 6 cm growing on my cervix putting pressure on organs and nerves. I have only been going through diagnostics this past two and a half months. The cancer was staged just two weeks ago, stage 2 b. It will be three months by the time treatment in the form of radiation and chemotherapy begin. I am in constant deblitating pain. I have an HMO who referred me to an oncologist, and he made recommendations, but my primary doctor is handling my treatment. She gave me vicodin, 3 a day. They did not work, so I called and asked if there was anything else I could do and they said to take 2 tablets 4 times a day. This is not working, it takes almost one hour to start to work and wear off after 2 hours. I called again, and they prescribed norco 7.5 mg and can take 6 a day, but it is the same thing, they wear off early and take time to work. I have been taking tylenol with the norco, about 4 at a time. I called the doctor again and she only said to use just 2 tylenol instead of 4. I am miserable, I am not being treated for my pain, and I am just waiting and waiting for treatment. I do not take more of the medication than prescribed, and it appears that they are worried about addiction. I do not know what to do, and I am being shoved aside like I am nothing. It is very depressing to be in such pain, and waiting so long for treatment. Is this normal to be put off so long for treatment? Is it normal to be denied adequate medication?

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I'm sorry to see you've joined the group, but even more saddened that your pain issues have not been taken care of. You state that your meds have changed several times, but the pain control has not been adequate. You also state that you are very depressed, which is normal. Has your doc suggested an anti-depressant? Not only would this help with the depression, but they are frequently used these days to help with pain. Also, Xanax or Valium added may be a choice. There are many different options...so don't give up! Make them listen to you!!
It does seems like they are dragging their heels in regards to your treatment, but that all depends on where you live. Are you in an overly populated area? My issues were addressed very quickly. I went from GP to Gyn in one week, two weeks later GYN Oncologist, 3 weeks later surgery. Then there was a couple of weeks to recoup and off to port implant and radiation/chemo. I experienced abd. wound dehiscence, so radiation/chemo were delayed.
I wish you luck on your journey. Keep posting!

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I am staged at stage 2 cervical cancer and I have had 12 rad treatments and 2 chemo so far.I was prescribed 5 mg of morphine for my pain which I take every 4 hours.COuld not function without it.I hope you will be heard for your pain.I too wonder about addiction but I will deal with that if needed.Best of luck to you.Lily

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