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Base of tongue cancer associated with Listerine?

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Hi all,

We have been very puzzled as to how Roger got this cancer. He smoked and drank socially for about 15 years, but stopped completely 41 years ago. From what we read, they are the two main catalysts for this type of cancer. We never really thought about the listerine having alcohol in it, but Roger has had some gum issues and has been gargling 2-4 times a day with listerine, for the last 10+ years. I came across some rumbling on the internet, that listerine may possibly be linked to tongue cancer. Has anyone heard this, or have any comments on the possibility?

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I have used Listerine twice a day for 30 years. 26.7% alcohol is not good for anyone in my opinion. My Doctor told me not to use it and never to drink again. Alcohol, although I do not really know what part it plays in the cause is an irritant, plain and simple. In my opinion if you think about the gargling action compared to just swallowing say a beer or glass of wine can`t be good. I also was a social drinker and used smokeless tobacco on off for many years. From what I can gather the doctors are not positive about the causes. I know some friends personally who have lived through the exact same cancer and never ever used tobacco so i am still unsure. Whatever the case may be i wish you the best of luck. Its not a fun ride but I am only 49 and have a lot of things I still want to do in my life. I finished radiation 11 days ago and still have 1 more chemo to go if they give it to me. I will keep you in my prayers.

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...about why Roger got cancer as there are many many reasons. It it most likely a combination of things and you may never really find out. The trick is to figure what is bad for you, and what of thise things you he did before, and then change those things.

My personal opinion is that diet plays a very big role in our health. I would recommend you buy and read 'The China Study' - Dr T. Colin Campbell, and also download and watch 'Healing Cancer from the Inside' - Mike Anderson. There is no doubt the Government(s) have been involved in shennanigans about telling us the truth about nutrition and our health for many years. Check my Expressions page for further details.


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Good Morning,

Have they did any biopsy at all? I was just curious, that seems to be one thing that is on the rise it seems. A good bit of the people that are on here (at least tonsil cancer and SCC) have had biopsy's showing HPV+.

With you having Dr. Jean, I know in my case and not ever being a tobacco user or smoker, that was one of his first suspicions, and he was correct.

With all of the substances that we are exposed to, there isn't really any clear and definitive reason why one does or doesn't have cancer cells turn on. We all carry HPV, cancer, and who knows what else. Just some times through stress, body chemistry, and what not, they decide to turn on and become active.

The main thing is to keep a positive attitude, surrond yourselves with people like that. I didn't want anyone telling about negative stories or happenings while I was being treated.

Pull on your faith, family and friends. I (or my wife initially) started an email update list. When I would have treatments, tests, and other events, she would send out the list to friends, family, co-workers, church, etc...). It was always nice to read and get feed back and encouragement along the way.

Just take the treatments a day at a time, concentrate on getting better and allowing the treatments do their job.

Good Luck & God Bless,

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