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Trouble finding an oral surgeon that takes medicare

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Did anyone on medicare,have issues finding a Dr to take it? We have been put through the ringer today with this. Roger is 20 yr retired Vietnam vet with medicare, "Blue cross, blue shield" and tricare for life and we still could not find a dentist to take him. Since Medicare has to be primary, they did not want to go through the hassle of filing. We even asked several Drs to take a down payment and we would sign to make payments, to no avail. They wanted 4,500.00 up front, which we do not have!

Medicare shows 6-8 drs on their site, but when they are called, they have all quit taking it, so we are left in dire straits. Rad Dr wants his teeth out prior to rad, so this is causing a delay that we cannot afford! I called VA and they only do active duty military. Also called american cancer society, elder care services, and many other Drs. If any one else has had these issues and found a solution, please let us know. We are running out of time fast, becaus the Drs keep impressing on us that this is a VERY aggressive cancer and we need to act quickly. This seems unreal to me that a retired military vet with 3 insurances, cannot get his teeth extracted unless he has several thousand dollars to put up front.


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Just a thought. I would suggest you contact your State Board of Health. Maybe they can recommend a doctor or advise you further in the matter.

Just another reason our wonderful healthcare system needs a major overhaul. What they have recommended in Washington falls way short in my opinion for what it is worth.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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I sent you a private message via e-mail on this site.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Check with cancer center/hospital that is going to be doing the treatment as they may have someone on staff or that they can recommend.

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