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stage IV roll call

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everyone, own members are not fairing to well or are we? I need to know, we all need to know

Here I go, the rest of you need to follow,

Age 44, Dx may 2009 stage iv, large primary tumor of the rectum, spread to liver, and most recently several varing size mets of predeim. abdomen wall, currently on chemo, for control
Docs are not anticipating surgery at this time (the short story)

Know for a cheer.

I got spirit yes I do I got spirit how about You?


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Initial diagnosis stage IIIB August 2004, tumor in descending colon. First recurrence in 2006 to right ovary. Second multiple mets to abdominal area/organs in 2009. Third recurrence in late 2009 to liver. Currently watching as my CEA continues to climb, going to have to go into treatment of some kind in the near future.

I got spirit, yes I do. I got spirit how about you?


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dx 9/06... 2 lung resections, liver resection and chemo... 51 years old and still teaching and coaching... next scan is in July

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DX 3/09. Mets to liver and lungs. Chemo for the last year. Surgery not an option at this point. Still teaching and running my 14 year old daughter around.


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Chemo until February, then Xeloda til August, with cyberknife radiation thrown in late September. Age 58, colon resection Sept '06, recurrence June '08. I feel GREAT!!!!! Laurie

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Dx in 2006 with IIIC rectal, one day before my 50th. Now I'm 53 had recurrence in 08 to lung and gut. Back on treatment until now and taking a break. I feel strong and good. My CEA was never out of normal so it's not a good detector for me. Only scans tell the story. JIll

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was diagnosed 3/30/09, age 60, advanced Stage IV, all size mets to liver and lungs, some quite large. Transverse colon resection 4/2/09, chemo Folfox 5/09, now on maintenance. Response to chemo was excellent. CEA was close to 900, now hovers around 16. Worked full time through Folfox and continues to do so. To date, no surgeries except colectomy, no radiation, etc. at this time.


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DX stage II 6 years ago didnt follow up after maintance chemo long story short started haveing pain in Nov 08 dx stage IV Jan 09 was on the pump now on XLODIA feeling good still working but only 2 days a week NEXT


C Dixon
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Diagnosed Stage IV on Nov. 2008 with many mets to liver and three spots on my diaphragm. 12 rounds of foflfox. Clean scans. Went in for liver resection and active disease found on diaphragm still. Three weeks later in Sept of 2009 I had a HIPEC and just finished 12 rounds of Folfiri in mid-April. Scans are currently clean and my CEA ( good marker for me) was 0.95 today.

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and accounted for!!!

dxed stage IV Feb 04' with mets to liver and left lung. 5 1/2 years NED now (non-surgical remission to boot). Long story but if you are interested check out my profile stuff.

and absolutely; spirit can kick cancer's bootie!!!

Lisa P.

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Nov 2008: diagnosed with Stage IV with 5 mets to the liver (both sides). Cancer discovered by chance during a c-section.

Feb 2009: liver resection (40% of liver removed), colon resection, gallbladder removed and HAI pump implanted

April 2009 - Nov 2009: adjuvant chemo (5FU systemic and FUDR in liver pump)

May 2010: my 15 month scan since surgery still clean


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Diagnosed April 27,2009 stage IV (7 lymph nodes positive and 1 met to liver) age 27. Have endured chemo/ radiation june/ July '09. Rectal resection and liver resection September '09. Now on treatment #11 of folfox. Almost done !! Then will begin maintence chemo in July. Last ct was in February and all was clear hope to stay this way for a long time:)

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dx March 2004 stage 2 rectal at age 46
recurrence Oct. 2005 right lung
has been in and out of both lungs since then
currently on phase 2 drug trial

I will be celebrating my 53rd bithday this week!
Yes, I have plenty of spirit!


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Good to hear from you and happy birfday!!!!

Hope all the kids and grands are doing great too.

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The kids and grandkids are all doing great! My youngest daughter graduates high school June 3 and we are getting ready to move from California to Nevada so things are a bit crazy right now, but in a good way.

How are you doing?


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DX'd sept 2007 stage 1. Mets to liver 11 months later. Liver resection june 09. Scan yesterday. I hope its still good. Will know on wednesday but today I'm good to go.

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Stage IV Appendiceal Ca; mets to ovary, omentum, throughout peritoneum, outside of colon, both near (rt colon) and far (sigmoid colon) - double resection, including part of ileum

Here and doing great. Currently NED (to be confirmed by visual (surgical)inspection next month.

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dx 5/08 stage 4a rectal cancer; 1 met to liver; resectable at dx
radiation 28 tx xeloda/oxaliplatin 6/08
LAR surgery 9/08
R hepatectomy 10/08; NED after surgery
FOLFOX 10 tx 12/08-5/09
baseline PET/CT after surgeries/chemo 8/09; still NED after 3/10 CT scan!
next PET/CT 6/10


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Dx Stage4 4/09 Lg tumor on transverse colon, 2 lg tumors on r lobe of liver, multiple lymph nodes that can't be removed

5/09-10/09 Folfox
11/09-2/10 Xeloda and Avastin as maintenance
2/10 TACE procedure
3/10 Bad news increase in tumor size on Xeloda
3/10-4/10 on Folfiri and Avastin
4/10 Bad news CEA and CTC markers are climbing, off FOLFIRI
4/10 till now on Erbitux and CPT11 GOOD NEWS my CEA and CTC markers take a nosedive YEAH

Been working full time since 12/09. Loving life and lviing it to the fullest.


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DX Jan 09, colectomy and liver resection. 12 rounds folfox to July 09. Bad neuropathy, finally getting better. Scan in Nov 09 showed 2 enlarged lymph nodes, started maintenance chemo without the oxi. CEA up to 31.7 from 18.8 last month. Scan scheduled for next week. Wish me luck.

Still livin' large, though. 5k runs (ok, run/walk), biking, kayaking, playing music. Life is good!

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Still here - diagnosed 5/05 with liver met.

Sigmoid colectomy 6/05
6 cycles Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin - NED after 3 - stopped chemo 12/05
Tiny lung nodule (9x11mm) shows up 11/08; removed via VATS 4/09
6 cycles Xeloda/Avastin
Continuing Avastin only every 3 weeks
NED again since 4/09

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stage 4 with several mets to liver, gall bladder, sigmoid colon, etc, also have a 2nd primary cancer in thyroid, stage 2
not a surgical candidate
folfox with avastin x 6
colon and liver resection
ilieostomy, takedown 2 months later
folfiri x4 w avastin
folfox x6 w avastin
2nd liver resection
serious infection(5 months of hell too many procedures to list)
folfox with avastin x6
bland embolization
xeloda with avastin x 12
prepped for novalis but aborted due to several new tiny mets to both lungs

when diagnosed my CEA was well over 7000, the lowest it has been is 25. It is currently 177. But I have had three treatments of abraxane since last checked. I'm expecting it to go way down.

I have never had a single symptom from the cancer, only from the treatments. Often times I feel like I don't have cancer but the Drs say I do. I look forward to Novalis or Rapidarc (both are forms of stereotactic radio surgery). I don't expect it to cure me but it can buy a bunch of time.
As far as battling cancer. My advice is to learn as much as you can. Trust that your Dr is doing the right thing, but get 2nd and 3rd opinions. Stay on top of new treatments. Your Dr only does what he knows. If he/she hasn't heard of a new treatment and you have, don't hesitate to educate him or her. You have to be on the front line. Don't expect your Dr to be there with you.
In March of 08 the Drs gave me 2 months to live and most recommended hospice. In August of 09 they gave me 1 month. Here I am, proving folks wrong and doing my best to keep up with the cancer. I'm not expecting a win, but I'm cool with a win or draw.

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Diagnosed 2/08 with Stage IV - extensive mets to liver
3/08 surgery - colon resection and HAI pump installed
4/08 - 8/08 IROX plus FUDR in HAI pump
9/08 portal vein empolization
10/08 liver resection - 70% of liver removed
11/08 several small lung nodules
11/08 - 4/08 Xeloda
Small tumor in caudate lobe of liver (not involved in prior surgery)
Irinotecan plus FUDR - after several months, liver tumor no longer visible on CT scans
Increase in number of small lung nodules while on Irinotecan; Xeloda added back in
Lung nodules stable until recently but too numerous for surgery; small liver tumor has reappeared
5 FU plus Avastin effective for about 2 months; growth on most recent CT scan
Many side effects from treatment - small amount of internal bleeding from esophageal varisees due to large amount of liver removed in resection; itching all over body from elevated bilirubin 11/09 - 2/10; steroid induced diabetes from steroids to help calm elevated liver enzymes

Despite everything, other than the itching, I have generally felt great. Once the chemo started working on the liver tumors, I just felt stronger and stronger. After recovering from the surgeries, I would not know I was sick but for the fancy tests. I have the KRAS mutation and right now, I am worried about running out of treatment options. I am just too healthy otherwise, and I have chldren who need me too much, to lose this fight.

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Age at dx 42
dx April 08 stage 3C Rectal Cancer
radiation w/5FU thru July 4 08
LAR Aug 08 lymph nodes involved
c diff
Folfox x 12
? Sarcoid
Spleen issues
Dec 09 mets to lungs Stage 4
Currently Avastin and 5FU
Still working and feeling good.

Love, Hope and Faith

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I was dx May, 2008. Stage 4 rectal cancer with mets to liver and lung. Surgery was never an option. Folfox+Avastin and Folfiri+Avastin work in the beginning but fail eventually. I am now on my third clinical trial.


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I was dx May, 2008. Stage 4 rectal cancer with mets to liver and lung. Surgery was never an option. Folfox+Avastin and Folfiri+Avastin work in the beginning but fail eventually. I am going to start my third clinical trial.


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I was dx May, 2008. Stage 4 rectal cancer with mets to liver and lung. Surgery was never an option. Folfox+Avastin and Folfiri+Avastin work in the beginning but fail eventually. I am going to start my third clinical trial in two weeks.


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Diagnosed on May 11, 2005, with stage IV colon cancer (mets to the liver and left lung). Had colon removed on May 23, 2005. Started 5FU + Avastin, was NED after a eight cycles, but a few months later had a recurrence in my liver. Had liver resection in 2006, then a lung resection in 2008, and continuous chemotherapy ever since. Currently have multiple mets in both lungs, left pleural lining, liver, chest wall, and then probably a few I don't know about!

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Emergency surgery Aug 04. Large tumor, perforated colon, total obstruction. Tumor engulfing overy, lymph node involvement. Emergency colostomy to keep intestines from bursting, then after healed a bit resection to remove tumors and lymph nodes, then after some more healing chemo, did 7 out of 12 treatments, colostomy prolapsed, quit chemo early to have surgery, intestines reattached. Onc said no proof doing 5 more treatments of any benefit after such a long break. Went back to school, graduating in June at age 51 with assoc. degree in computer app's, hope I find a job! Been feeling good. Have "spots" on liver, scans every 6 months to check for growth-change, that's coming up June 8th, and hoping for no growth and no more "spots". I suppose I am starting to get nervous already about the upcoming scans, but I am moving right along and hoping for the best. This Aug will be my 6 year mark!

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Husband David dx stage 3C 4-08 in right (ascending) colon. Moved to Stage 4 Jan. 2009 after liver met showed up on scan. Has been on chemo most of the last two years. Liver resection 3-24-10. Had 75% of liver removed.

Currently in hospital at MDA in Houston. Has had several issues with bile ducts clogging and not draining properly. Had surgery today and attempts to unclog the blockage were unsuccessful. Waiting on Plan B. Part of liver thriving, other sections is bloated with bile that has no place to go. So we needs some prayers and positive thoughts. As do all stage fours and their families!


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I can see from all that have joined in so far that we are beating the odds, dispite what doctors are saying.

for Priscilla, I sincerly hope everything turns around, many prayers and positive thoughts.

Let have more cheer in

Live, Love, Play

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Just got the results of my scan back and they are all clear again. So here I am closing on 3 years past DX and 1 year past liver resection.

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Initially diagnosed in 2006 (at age 29) stage IIIC, had surgery, colostomy for a year and a half, chemo with FOLFOX- 11 times, six weeks radiation. Later had a colostomy takedown and a hysterectomy along with a scare, but luckily-- 4 years off.

Mets to abdominal lymph nodes and neck found March 2010. Will have my 5th chemo with Folfiri plus Avastin on Friday. Had a scan on Saturday to check for shrinkage ( let's go shrinkage!!!) and have not heard yet.

Still teaching and chasing my 14, 12, and 10 year olds. Still able to be a taxi driver for teens on most days.

I've got spirit, yes I do! I've got spirit, how about you???

I have friends and family and coworkers in my corner. I love my life. I am not ready to give in, so I won't. I hope that's enough.

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Dx 4/19/10 with stage IV. Mets to several spots in peritoneal lining. Currently in round 3 of 12 rounds of chemo over 6 months. Spirit stronger with a support group like this!

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Hey if this isn't a day brightener, I don't know what it is! And it couldn't possibly be any drearier here today ( weather wise). So THANK YOU Winnie! I needed this this morning!!! SOOOO much hope...makes me feel stronger with every post I read!!!

Dx'd anal cancer 4-08, chemo/rad. Stage I
Dx'd separate lung cancer 12-08, lung resection (non smoker)
Dx'd stage IV 12-09, mets to liver....liver resection 2-9-10

Also, a big fan of my life, family, friends, and all of you!!!!

51 years old....hoping to double that!!!

Cheers to you all~~

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Dx 06-2003, met to liver and lungs, colon, liver, lungs resection, and twice hernia repairs, Ned since 08-2007, my last visited to onc was March, he told me I am healthy.
living in Houston since 1969.


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Paula G.
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Husband DX October 2008. decending colon, many mets in liver, both lungs and right adrenal gland. Had colon surgery in Nov.08 started Chemo FOLFOX + avastin in March 09 on the 8th treatment had reaction to oxy, treatment 9 thru 14 without oxy. Now on XELODA + avastin last scan showed many mets in his right lung to small to measure some shinkage in liver but adrenal glad had minamal growth. Stable in March. His next scan is on June 10th. His CEA has been going up a little every three weeks. Still hopful and doing good most days. Paula

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Diagnosed Dec 2002 Stage III rectal.

Over the past 7+ years, I've had three recurrences in lung -- each time a solitary met, surgically removed, followed by chemo.

I've had long periods of NED (yea) and no treatment (double yea) -- but never longer than 2 years.

Just diagnosed with bone mets -- will be starting Xeliri + Avastin next week.

I've stayed active throughout (working, hiking).

Yes, I've got the spirit! I'm a survivor and plan to keep on beating those odds -


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DX in May 07, age 38, stage 3, came back in my lung Oct 08, 2nd round of chemo, finished in June 09, have been clear so far, have my next scan June 1, 2010, keep me in your prayers.

God Bless

I got spirit yes I do I got spirit how about You?

Beth P
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Here's my story. Diagnosed with rectal cancer January 2007, underwent colon resection, complete hysterctomy, they had to peel right ureter off of tumor. Went thru radiation therapy, started on folfox, scan showed 3 spots on right lobe of liver. Finished chemo, had right lobe of liver and gall bladder removed. 8 months later the cancer had grown in my right ureter blocking my right kidney, I had a stent put in started on folfuri. finished chemo in April of 2009, had my right kidney, right ureter and part of my bladder removed in June of 2009, all biopsies came back with no cancer. Last scan in March was clear, I go back end of June for follow up.
Yes I have spirit, I am blessed and thankful to be here!

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Dx stage August 2007 at age 41 with IV rectal cancer w/ multiple mets to the liver and both lungs (who knows how many years it had been in me and at what age it actually started growing).
Had numerous chemo treatments, and rectal radiation along w/ chemo, targeting the rectal tumor.
Had liver resection May 2008. Never had colorectal surgery, as the rectal tumor completely disappeared and biopsy showed no sign of cancer in the rectum following the chemo/radiation. Just recently had a recurrence in rectum (along with lungs and liver) in Feb. 2010. Have never had any procedures or radiation on lungs- tumors in lungs are too small and too numerous.
Most recent scan on May 9, 2010 showed all is stable. Started on Gemzar, Xeloda, and Avastin on 3/17/10. Gemzar is considered investigational for colorectal cancer, but a 2006 phase II study at USC/Norris under Dr. Lenz in L.A. showed some good results with this in stage IV patients. I expect good things to come with the next scan!

No symptoms from cancer- just some from the chemo. I feel pretty good and "normal" most of the time!


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DX 2/08 - complete hyst. and colon resection. Stage 4 with mets to the lungs. Currently trying to get into clinical trials. Feeling good and healthy ( oops, except I got the
crap[y cancer!) Hang in there everyone! Jean

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Stage IV: Diagnosed August 2007

colon & liver resection and right oophorectomy.

17 roundsof folfox w/avastin 12/08

right ovary tumor removed with cytoreduction and HIPEC.

8 rounds of folfiri w/Avastin

Currently NED

My theme song: Second and Third opinions are your friend and Knowledge is Power.

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Dx March 31,2008 stage III rectal Ca. 28 treatments of radiation with chemo(xeloda). July 22,2008 surgery to remove rectum and repair vaginal wall (tumor broke thru) and a permanent colostomy. Completed 10 cycles of Folfox and now, 2 years later, CT scan is clean. CEA is within normal range and I thank God every day!!!! I intend to see all 5 of my grandchildren grow up!!

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My husband was diagnosed March 7, 2009 with stage 4 with mets to the liver at the age of 35. He completed his 12 rounds of folfox + Avastin and had a colon resection and partial liver resection. The surgeon ablated the cancer that was too close to his vein. His cancer tumor went up again and the mets in the liver are increasing in size. He is now on folfiri with erbitux and feeling good except for the side effects of the Chemo. CEA is back to 2! We pray it's working!

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Dx 12/23/08 at age 50. Stage IV w/mets to Liver, inoperable. Folfox 6 w/Avastin worked for awhile as did Irinotecan and Xeloda. Wild type k-ras mutation. Starting clinical trial June '10.

Spirit? She is absolutely the most positive person I have ever known. After 32 years of marriage, she still inspires me.


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Husband dx 6/3/09 with advanced Stage IV CRC with mets to liver and lungs. Six Folfox plus Avastin treatments. Currently doing Folfiri plus Erbitux. Doctor labeled the first PET scan a "Super scan" due to the advanced stage. Labeled most recent scan a "Near remission".

We now understand the true meaning of "living with no regrets" and "quality of life is what counts".

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NED since August '05.
Colon resection, liver resection, and several lymph nodes.
Looking forward...
Jo Ann

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I was diagnosed in March 2002. I did 6 months of 5-FU and Leukovorin, then I had one liver met removed followed by Xeliri...then 2 lung nodules removed in October 2004. I have been NED since then! Thank God!
-Susan H.

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Nana b
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Had pain on Right side, went to doctor, treated for gas several times....put up a good fight and demanded colonoscopy, endoscopy and got then done, result Diagnosed Nov 2008, Tumor on ascending colon, 3 months of chemo then surgery, mets to liver, 60% liver resection. Chemo 5-FU and Leukovorin and avastin until August 2009. I have been NED since.

Just trying to eat healthy and make a difference in my body/health. Last pet scan was last Friday.

Life is good.

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