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Joined: Nov 2009

Hi all. Just returned from the hospital and feeling pretty upbeat. I had my port removed this morning. It has been a 12 month round trip this week. It was the week before Memorial Day 2009 that my cancer was discovered. Thank-you all for your supprt and input when I needed it. I wish I had found this site before my treatment started and not after but you have all been a huge help in getting me to where I am now. I will continue to visit and provide others any information I can from my experience. Thanks again.


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Glad to see and hear you are doing so well, save me a spot on your kayak if I ever make it up that way.

All the best my friend

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Mike, I'm so glad you're doing well. It is uplifting to all of us when someone does well. You will remain in our prayers and we look for to your future posts.
Like you, I found this site after my treatment but I still learn while I'm here. Keeps me on my toes for any questions I may need to ask in my future. Take care.
God Bless,

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Deportation - you got me with that Mike. Good news.



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Great to hear for all of us who are where you were 12 months ago. Congratulations and enjoy life.

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And if you can help someone else on this site who's going through what you've gone through, it makes things that much sweeter.

--Jim in Delaware

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Mike ,
You already have helped me. Congrats on both!!


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Glad to hear of your 'Deportation' Mike. Well done and keep on healing.


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Congrats...I have a while yet, my MD prefers to leave them in for two years, so I have until February 2011 before I get "Deported"....


Kent Cass
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the news, Mike. When I saw the Title of this thread, and who began it, and with the national news of recent in the SW...hope someday to get deported, too, Mike. Excellent news. Hope you'll hang around for quite awhile longer.


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Great news. You had me with that title too!

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Posts: 208
Joined: Nov 2009

Thank-you all for your support. I couldn't resist the "deportation" comment. I hope you are all "deported" soon too!


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Joined: Jan 2010

Got me too. Your post made me laugh out-loud, Mike. Thank you!!!
God Bless All,

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Congrats on your deportation! LMBO! Must admit - you got me too!
I was hoping to get deported next month, but to no avail.
More poking and probing next week. Ugh! The Never Ending Story.
Glad you passed another milestone! Yay Mike!

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