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Had kidney cryo surgery & it was 98% successful. But still have other symptoms:

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My son just had his cancer mass on the left kidney removed through CRYO procedure & they told him it went well. He does not have cancer in his bones or lymnoids.Yet he is still having problems with cronic constipation & a feeling of fullness after eating a few bites of solid foods & drink.And some pain. He has lost weight. They have refered him to a teaching hospital UAB in Birmingham.They can not find a reason for his symptoms at the hospital & doctors he was seeing.Has anyone had these type of symptoms? Thank you.

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I do recall from my post surgery that the pain medication I was on causes constipation. Not fun. But things do get better and UAB is a top facility.

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My mother (74 years of age) had renal carcinoma of the kidney for the second time. The 1st time which was about 19 years old, the surgeon performed a nephrectomy to the left kidney. The second time around, she had really bad lungs due to smoking, having multiply COPD flare-ups and being a chronic asthma patient for several years. So therefore, her lungs were in such a bad state that her Dr. didn't want to perform any type of procedures on her. I was not totally agreeable with it but understood. Well her lungs got better and in the meanwhile, I had been doing research on Cryoablation. Last year (July 09) my mother went though the procedure, and it turned out well for the exception of her kidney, it had stopped producing urine. They had to insert a stent in her kidney for a day. All went well. No constipation, but her appetite was poor up about three months ago. And yes, she lost weight.

As of today, my moms still has kidney cancer. The tumor has reduced in size, and is looking great. She has no other signs of cancer elsewhere in her body.

Thank God

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you do not say how long ago your son had his procedure,how long he's been having these symptoms. i had a radical nephrectomy laparoscopic. and i had constipation when i got home from the hospital for a few weeks and that can be quite uncomfortable. my dr. prescibed a stool softener, colace, but even that didn't always help. the dr. didn't seem that concerned but said if it was really bothering me i could use a suppository. well eventually with alot of fluids, prunes and the colace i did get regular again. your son could be feeling full cause he's constipated and of course if he's not eating he would lose weight. hopefully it will resolve itself with time. but have his dr's. done an ultrasound or ct scan just to make sure everything's ok. please check with his dr. before using a stool softener just to make sure its ok.
good luck, wishing your son well.

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