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Cousin Diagnosed Needs our Prayers

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Hi Everyone

Please pray for my cousin who just got diagnosed with Anal cancer. She is only
48. She has had surgery and is taking radiation everyday for 6 weeks (except weekends)
and also taking chemo. She is a strong person but no matter how strong you are this
disease gets us down and out. I have told her about our board here and she was amazed
at how brave each and everyone us are. I told her she will stand with us in this fight
no matter what part of the body it attacked.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, concerns and feelings on this board. May one day we will have a true victory that cancer is no longer a threat to us and our love ones.
My motto is that cancer won the 1st battle and I won the 2nd but the war is not over for
I will not give up because as of right now I'm cancer free.

God Bless all Of you for we will stand together and stand strong.


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That is great that your town was able to raise so much money! I am personally grateful for every cent donated to cancer research. Look how far they have come. I am also so sorry to hear of your cousin's cancer. There is a message board on here for every type of cancer but I think that the people on this one seem to have forged a bond like no other and I am glad to be a part of it. I hope she gets all the support and recources she needs to get through this awful time!

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Hey Arkansas/Texasgirl!

Your town has done a wonderful job in raising money for the Relay~ 100K is fantastic!!!!!

You have the support, and camaraderie of all of the sisters on the boards,but you knew that already!

And your dear cousin~ any of us affected by cancer is a member of this family. We wish we didn't know one another because of this damnable disease, but once we become "related", we give each family member all the love, support and cyber hugs needed!


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Your town really turned out to support a great cause! I am sorry to hear that your cousin is fighting her own battle with this dreaded disease. We all stand together each step of the way!

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