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Glenn had 28 teeth removed yesterday.
He came through it really well. Bleeding subsided on cue and currently has only moderate pain.

He ate 800 calories in soft food last evening and I had to shoo him back into the house when my son and I were cleaning/mowing the back yard. He just couldn't stop "doing" things.

He amazes me every day. He is so tough. He doesn't dwell or worry about the upcoming treatment. He's always been good at living in the moment. I think that will serve him well this summer.

Clearly one of my jobs in all this will be to turn over this worry and leave it turned over. Not keep taking it back to "dwell" on it.

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Sounds like Glenn has his mind set in the positive mode. You are also in that mind set.

When I was getting my radiation and would return home, I would be tired and wanted to take a nap. But before I would do that. I made myself go outside and chop some wood for 10-20 minutes if I could. Now I had a reason to be tired, chopping wood, not the treatments or cancer controlled me. My work around the house caused me to feel this way.

Keep that positive attitude

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

Kent Cass
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Hopefully, Glenn's extractions will just means he can avoid something I got to know= a post-treatment root canal. Good to think about such as this- well, at least I won't have this, or that, to deal with.

The Positive is IMPORTANT. Might sound easier than possible, right now, but the focus should just be on the Positive, in mindset and overview. Glenn's gonna survive this, as we all have. Sure, he's already taken a bigtime hit; and, bottom-line, the road thru the tunnel of treatment can be very rough, and you'll have your hands full just dealing with it all. However, he's gonna emerge out of that tunnel, and the road will become easier to handle, gradually. So, keep that time largely in mind- when the road you will find yourself on is that beyond that infamous tunnel, and Glenn is still alive. This is 2010, and the Drs. and their meds are gonna get you two thru it better than some of your friends, here, experienced; so, trust in that, keep your focus on the beautiful day hovering over that road beyond the tunnel of treatment, and



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I just wish one of my doctors would have told me about getting my teeth puller before starting treatment as I have a lot of problems with them and can’t find a dentist who will help do to the problem I can’t open my mouth more then ½ inch. I go on Monday to see another dentist with the hopes that maybe he can do something.

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Posts: 248
Joined: May 2010

I am grateful we were able to get this done before treatment began.

He had gingivitis and was headed for dentures anyway. I guess having that kind of work done post radiation would have been a different story.

He does say it's pretty weird being completely without teeth but everyone we know with dentures tells him they eat quite a bit without their dentures even in.

I hope the next dentist can help you.

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