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We received the most wonderful news today! Bob had Surgery on Monday on his Tognue and they cut his neck open to remove 2 suspious Masses near his Lung's...They called this afternoon with the Pathology...CANCER FREE!!!! He was Stage 4 Jaw, Tognue, pallett...the Tumor in his Jaw was the size of a Horseshoe...almost 8 month's to the day of diagnosis he is CLEAR! The only issue is he cannot hardly eat..but we can work on that..Bless all of you here on this board...and those of you just beggining this journey. It can be beat! I thank the Dr's at University of Minnesota for the wonderful care they gave Bob..even though he had a rough rough start..Our NEW life will begin...the other stuff is small compared to this MIRACLE!

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That is very good news, I am glad to hear it and glad that Bob is Clear and Cancer Free

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Pam M
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Cancer Free sounds great. Very glad you got to hear it. I agree with you on the other stuff being small.

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Glenna M
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I hope everyone reads your post and realizes that miracles do happen.

Now it's time to relax and enjoy your new life ;-)

My best to you and your husband.


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What wonderfull new's! It simply cannot get any better than that!

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Good for you! Always enouraging to hear good news. Keeps my spirits up.

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I am glad to hear of this for you and your husband. Keep a memory of the positives. They will be needed in the days ahead. Cancer free is just the start of the battle.

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D Lewis
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Wonderful news!


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Congrats, that is the best news we could hear!!!!!!!!!!! I've always believed in miracles and your husband has just proven my faith in God is worthy!!!!! I always knew that tho...lol. Enjoy the new, Cancer FREE, life, you both deserve it.
God Bless,

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I can't hear enough great stories like these. I am very happy for you guys!

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I am so happy for you both. I wish the best for you both. I hope he will start feeling better soon and recover quickly.

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