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My bro is holding up- kinda -....he added some writing to his expressions page, which I thought I'd bring to the discussion table.....

"THis may come across as trivial to some here but here it goes. This has been a rough week my body didn't react well to the second round of chemo and rad. Ended up in ER Tues morning b/c my eyes were all dried and scratchey. Added to the chemo rad and just general not feelin good at all. I had to make a very tough decision and put down my buddy of 10 years. He was having trouble walking and I was worried he was going to fall and hurt himself you know how those rambunctious 18 year old cats can get.
So I used the occasion to write a bit of a blog and post a pic. I'll get another of myself sometime right now I'm just rambling due to insomnia."-DUKARCHON

Bill starts his next round on Sunday. He will be in for a week then going back home. Thankfully our dad will be going out to visit him, arriving over Memorial Day weekend and staying fot the week. Someone to spend all the lonely hours of pain and feeling like sh*t with. At the very least someone to talk to and distract him for a while. :) I am VERY relieved to have him going out there!! As I am sure my bro is too.

I did end up getting in touch with the resident for radiation and my bro went in the following day to see if he needed a new mask. Seems they are just going to raise it a little and see how that works out.

I just want to thank everyone again for being part of this forum. You have all given me a lot of information directly and indirectly. Either way, it all works! I hope that I can provide some comfort or information for someone else down the line.....but for now I am content to take in as much information as I can. A BIG "THANK YOU"!!. :)

That's it for now....God Bless -Jess

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It's got to be very rough going through this somewhat alone, and to lose your companion of so many years has got to be terrible.

We lost our black lab several years ago now, but she is still in our hearts and will always be.

We have since adopted two chocolate lab sisters (Kali & Jasmine). They were there with me through thick and thin during my treatment and my days at home. Always hanging with me, keeping me company and watching over me.

Having cancer and being exposed (care taker) is both an educational experience and an emotional experience within itself.

You and your brother both will be veterans here eventually and have all of your own experiences and history to share and pass on to the future newbies.


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It's nice to see you doing so much for your brother. There were a couple of things that kept my spirits up but none more important than family and friends who stepped up for me while I was going thru the rough times, especially my older siblings. Hope your bro' reads these posts as well. Tell him to keep his chin up and fight hard. The bad times can be rough but a positive attitude and a little humor always help. We're all pulling for him during these rough days. If he needs someone to email or chat with I'm let me know.

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Jess, there is nothing trivial about losing a "buddy", any pet lover knows thats. What a bad time for it to happen. I'm sorry your bro is going thru this aweful stuff but he can beat this with the support of his family and friends. Just remember to stay as positive as possible and have faith!! Should you or your bro feel down and alone, come here, there is always someone on here who will understand. Good luck.
God Bless,

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I must agree with everyone, you are a blessing to your brother in the way you care for him. Let him know that you are praying for him and that you love him. Somehow I know with me it was what I needed to keep a positive attitude and helped me become a survivor.

All the best to you

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Pam M
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As others have said - thank goodness for you, being there for your brother.

Also, as others have said, losing your furry friend is in no way trivial. I'm very sorry for your brother's loss.

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Hello all again I'd like to thank you for all your advice and positive feelings. It does help hearing from others that have been thru some of the same issues And more than a few of the physical ones.
I'm just on a low eb this week...tomorrow its back to the oven and basting. :) now I'll pay for all those burgers I've sent back b/c they weren't well done enough lol :>

I just feel like I move from one box to another and it gets harder and harder to see that live does exist outside the boxes, However your words and encouragments are helpful and I once again would like to thank you for time and thoughts that went into your posts.


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