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So tired..........is this normal??

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I had wide local excision for VIN III 2 1/2 weeks ago. Everything went well and recovery has not been too uncomfortable. BUT I am so tired!!! Not just sleepy -- bone deep, so tired I can't think straight. I've also been really itchy - not at the surgical site, but everywhere else down there.
Before I even knew I had VIN III I was having some tenderness in the inner groin area and wondered what that was about.
Am I just being paranoid - or does that sound like some spread to the lymph nodes???

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Glad to hear your healing well, but sorry to hear your still not up to par. You've been under a lot of stress and now that the surgery is through it sounds like your body is trying to catch up on all that missed sleep. What your feeling is natural. A weight has been lifted off your shoulders and your body is taking a moment to relax...fight or flight mode.
The itching is also normal. Although the itching is not right at the surgical site, that whole area experienced trauma and itching is a normal part of healing. I wouldn't worry a lot about it, but would speak to your doc about it just to be sure.
Hope you feel better soon.

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After I had my suegery and went in for my check up and the Doctor said everything was fine and she was able to remove all the cancer. I went to sleep the next day and woke up the next afternoon and all I want to do is sleep. I agree with beckyracn its like a weight lefted off your shoulders and now you can get some much needed rest.

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I am still struggling..............I slept all weekend and I am still exhausted. Every day I drag myself around, trying to feel better.

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