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anaplastic large cell lymphoma

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My 3 year old just had a growth removed from his skin on his stomach. We were called by our doctor on Tuesday. She told us that the lab results had come in and the growth was anaplastic large cell lymphoma ALK+. We are meeting with an oncologist today at one. He hasn't shown any side effects, but needless to say we are terrified.

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Hello dparks0121,

I am so very sorry to hear about your son's illness. You certainly have every right to be feeling overwhelmed and terrified at this point in time. Although I do not have an ill child I am a parent and have had cancer 4 times myself, including NHL twice. It just isn't fair that children get sick and have to deal with this terrible disease. I wish I had some information to offer you, but the best I can do is offer you an ear for listening and prayers for you and your little one. Please let us know what the doctor has to say. Your son may be sent to a major medical facility for treatment and/or information. Either your son's doctor or medical facility should be able to connect you with parents with children in like situations. Were I live in California there are parent support groups available. But please remember we are always here to listen to you. This is a very caring and supportive board.

Caring thoughts and prayers,

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Thanks for your response. We saw an oncologist on Thursday, and AJ's blood work came back normal. We are definitely taking this as a positive sign that it was all removed, but we are now waiting on the CT scan results. We've also got a PET scan on Wednesday. We hope that it is all gone, but we realize that our lives have been changed. I can say that I wish no parent had to go through this. I've found that it is hard not to be able to fight this for him, but we're lucky that our families have been super supportive.


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