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I'm a little confused about my nh lymphoma

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The more I read I wonder. Can follicular Lymphoma be small b cell? I keep reading about large b cell in connection with follicular. My Onc isn't sure I have follicular, he didn't do a bone marrow biopsy, says that the chemo is the same.

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Hi Kay,

I'm not sure about the b cell stuff, that confused me to. My follicular was diagnosed from a biopsy of the tumor, not the bone marrow. Sorry I'm not more help, I'm pretty new at this too, just finished R-CVP and think I will be doing Zevalin in July. Have you started your chemo yet, and what will you be taking?


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I am surprised that your doctor didn't do the bone marrow biopsy but I am just as confused as you are about the small or large b cell. Sometimes the more we try to read up on it, the more confusing it becomes. But I try and do my research through M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX where I live and receive my treatments.

I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in October, 2009. Mine was found by a biopsy of the tumor and a bone marrow biopsy. My Lymphoma Oncologist started me on a Rituximab infusion within a week of finding it. I had to have an infusion a week for 4 weeks and then they did another PTscan, x-rays and blood work and I got the good news in December that I am in full remission. However, for the next 2 years I will have to have PT/CT scans, x-rays, etc. and an infusion of the Rituximab every 3 months. My doctor says that putting me on the 2 yr. regiment should help keep me in remission up to 7.5yrs.

Hope all goes well with your treatment and you achieve remission soon!

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I'm not sure about your question. But, I was given a book that helped me a great deal. It is called, "100 Questions and Answers about Lymphoma". Your Oncology office should have these books available to you free of charge. If they do not have a copy, you can contact the Leukemia Lymphoma society to see if they can obtain a copy for you from their drug reps.

The book will probably provide and answer to your follicular B-cell questions. It also gives information about chemo drugs and other medicine. It is a book that I believe will help.

Take care and God bless you in your journey.

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