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free hat and tote bag for cancer patients

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I know I have seen some "freebies" on this site, but they were a bit hard to find. I just received a nice free tote bag with goodies inside from www.thelydiaproject.org. I also received a nice turban hat and a denim bucket hat from www.hatsoff-to-chemo.org. There are a few more things I'm expecting in the mail, but I want to make sure I receive them before I include them. Free stuff you can use always makes you feel better when you are a bit down.
Good luck to everyone. This is a fantastic, supportive website because of all of you! Chemo tomorrow, and I will be 1/2 way done with the chemo journey. I'd be happy to donate all my hats/turbans once I'm done with this unexpected party.

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I also got hats from Hats off to chemo, they were nice. I sent my hats and scarves to a sister on this site when I was finished with them. I agree, it feels god to receive a nice gift when you are not feeling well!

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Sign up for the "look good feel better" classes offered by the American Cancer Society. Tons of free stuff, make up, creams, hats, et.c


Christine Louise
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Hooray for you, Diane! Halfway done and seeing the light at the end of the chemo tunnel!

Thanks for the info. I'm going to look those up now.

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I also posted I was able to return bras (which I had owned for a while) at Kohl's for merchandise credit. After my reconstructive surgery, they didn't fit. No receipt, no questions asked, and I received approximately $200 in merchandise credit. It never hurts to try, and they are so much more comfortable!

Christine Louise
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The hatsoff-to-chemo people are so sweet! My free hat is in the mail. Thanks for the tip.

Good for Kohl's and your refund. When some companies and stores are helpful, it kind of makes up for the hassles we have with some others.

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Thanks so much for sharing these sites. I ordered from the Lydia Project a tote for me and 2 of my friends last Thursday and received yesterday and mine is beautiful and it has great stuff in it. On the message for my own (because those of you who have not visited the website you can have a little note added) I wrote, "To me! You rock!" And when I looked at the note someone hand wrote exactly that and also added... "To the Lydia project you rock, too!" I thought that was so sweet that they added that. Anyway, thanks again for the site info! I love that there is so many things out there for survivors and I really love this lydia site because it is for survivors of all types of cancer. : )

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I got mine too! I was really touched by the personal note, plus was surprised by the goodies inside the tote! Thanks for sharing these sites, it's so nice to get something nice in the mail instead of another bill from the hospital or doctors ; )

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Thank you for the sites I just signed up to get my stuff, I know this will help me out in this long journey.

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How do I receive my hat and tote. Fixing to start chemo for breast cancer.  Stage 2 triple negative 

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If you go to your cancer center, they have all kinds of free things for you.  Most of them have rooms with things to help you during the journey.



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I have been treated at the Auxilio Mutuo Cancer Treatment Center. They didn't give me anything.  I didn't care before but now I am retired with SS only.  I have to pay a deductible ampunt for every physician I see at the center.  The place is highly recommended.

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DID YOU seek them out or just rec'v the gifts..


very  nice..




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