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Pet Scan results

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I hope this isn't posting twice but I didn't see the first one post up. The doctor called me this morning on my way to work, had to pull over, he said the pet scan did not show anything suspious and looked good. He said that there was some iregularities in the neck area but said it is most likely from the surgery and radiation. He said it was a darkening. Said the red doc wants to do an MRI of my neck. I had a cat scan done not to long ago and it said that there was some thickening. Has anyone had an MRI after the pet or has had similar results to mine?
I want to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes. I beleive in the power they hold and feel they were answered.
I am praying for all of us.Stay strong and believe.

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That is wonderful about everything looking good. I am happy for you.

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Congratulations on your good report! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your good news with us. Best wishes and prayers for your continued progress!

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mine was returned with that very word, 'thickenning" I think it;s very normal and a result of scar tissue from radiation and whatever surgery. Your scans sound 'clear"

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Same as Rat, more than likely just residual from the rads....

Of coure most of the thickening that I have (as my wife will agree) is my skull, as in thick headed....

Congrats, and keep on keeping on.

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Sounds like good news to me. I had "irregularities" on my first PET as well. My Docs attributed it to radiation. ( I had no surgery) They told me it would just take time for things to improve and get back to more normal. I have had 2 PET scans now both with CT scans at the same time. (7 months post now) Docs look at both and compare what they see. I have to have an MRI next week on an unrelated issue with an old cervical spine 5 and 6 fusion however they could not do the MRI until my port is removed. Deportation is Monday, MRI is on Thursday. Enjoy your good news and have faith in the Docs. If they are not overly concerned with what they saw then don't get too worked about the irregularities. Stay vigilant and work toward getting stronger and back to being you.


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Glenna M
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Great news!!! I have not had a pet scan yet but have had 2 CT scans and have been told the same thing - dark spots - doctors told me not to worry because they thought it was scar tissue from the rads. My ENT did another biopsy of my larynx to make sure and it came back clean. WooHoo!!! They couldn't find the tumor in my lung anymore - said if it was still there it was hiding behind the scar tissue. I have a lot of faith in all of my doctors so I am not going to worry about dark spots until they tell me something is wrong.

Relax and enjoy your life now ;-)

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Congrats Jo! Sounds like good news to me.

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dogsrule, that is FATASTIC!!! Just what we all like to hear. Way to go!
God Bless,

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My PET/CT showed abnormal tissue. This is common, however, my RO monitored the tissue for 18 months before he considered it an item of no concern. I'm allergic to the iodine used in PET scans so they switched me to MRI's. For soft tissue the MRI is a somewhat better diagnostic tool. They are more expensive than PET/CT's.

You will probably have an MRI with and without contrast. It is totally painless. Several things I might point out: the machine makes a lot of noise, you might want to ask about ear plugs; the scan takes over an hour, a good time to make great plans for your regained healthy life; if it's a closed MRI machine and you're clausterphobic ask about some mild sedation.

I wish you the best of health, Rich

P.S. Apparently the floor was also allergic to the iodine. It moved right up to where I was.

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