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Two months today

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I lost Dale two months ago today. People say it gets easier with time, it must be alot more time than this. I am in the process of selling our home(so big for one person) and I must say I feel him guiding me in what to do. I have made decisions and had no idea why and then everything started to fall in place and make sense I know that is him still taking care of me.


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As I said in another post, it will be seven month for me tomorrow. That is not long enough either. Fay

Posts: 36
Joined: Feb 2010

I dont think it will ever be long enough. It was that special once in a lifetime love that many dont ever even get to experience. So glad I had him so sad I lost him. Hang in there Fay. It really sounds like you two had that also. I know they are waiting for us up in heaven and I also know that they are content to wait.


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Pank, I so agree with the statement you said " So glad I had him so sad I lost him." I was able to talk at my husbands funeral a little and said that the song garth brooks wrote that talks about life as a dance he said “I could have missed the pain but I’d of had to miss the dance." And my 24 year dance with Sonny is something I wouldn’t have missed for the world. So we are all very lucky to have had such wonderful husband for the short time we did and yes we will see them again when we get to heaven and thats so comforting to me. Take it easy. Haley

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