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Anyone who had a liver resection can you tell me about afterwards. I am 6 weeks after resection and went back to work already, but i am so tired, I mean TIRED. I have never allen asleep when typing on computer. Are yousuposed tp eat alot of proteins? I am not having pain to much from liver but my shoulder and nect on the right side hurt badly, I am assimeing from the positioning on the table, anyone have this to?

I also feel like I am a emotional basket case. I am getting lots of medical billing calls. I am just about to lose it.

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I was tremendously tired at the 6-week point past my liver resection. I do tend to push myself which may have made it more challenging for me but even on my "easy" days I found I was fatigued. I thought about it like I was pregnant. When I carried my children I was always tired and attributed it to the body sending all its resources to the baby I was carrying. Same for the liver re-generation. Your body is sending all its energy into the liver for its re-growth. I did try and eat a lot of proteins and I juiced a lot too.

I think about right after 6-7 weeks I started to get my energy back. At my 3-month scan after resection my liver looked exactly as it had pre-surgery (except for disappearance of the liver mets).

I also had pain in my right arm. I found I could not lie down with my arms over my head as I would have excruciating pain. I didn't know what it was until I met a friend of mine who also had the same surgery as me and told me it was from having my arms pinned over my head during the surgery (which lasted about 7 hours for me). He actually had so much pain as his shoulder had been dislocated. I just figured I needed to stop the babying of my shoulder and hit arm weights pretty hard. The pain did go away.

Keep yourself together and focus on the positive as opposed to the negative. If you need, ask your doctor for a prescription for an anti-depressant. I would take an Ambien every night for the 2 months post liver resection and they really helped me quite a bit. Make sure you are getting a good night's sleep.

All the best,

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Eat lots of protein! That's the advice given to my husband David after his resection. And yes, he is still very tired even though he is seven weeks past surgery. I think I sometimes expect too much of him but the surgeon told us this was harder on the body than a multiple heart valve replacement. So fuel your body and rest when you can and we will both have you in our thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery.

Hugs and Healing,

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My husband's surgery was two weeks ago. The Surgeon told us that he will be soooooo fatigued we will think that something is wrong with him. She said that will be normal. Be patient with yourself, your body is doing some really hard work. I hope you start feeling your energy back real soon.

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I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I could not believe how much that surgery took out of me. I was extremely tired for about a month and here I am 11 months post op and still cant say that I am back 100%. I am much better than I was but man that was a slow recovery.

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I'm 2 months post liver resection.

I was an emotional basket case when I got home. I was sad, depressed,feeling out of place. Like, I should be rejoicing that the cancer was cut out, BUT scared of recurrence, so how do I re-do my life as what....in remission? cancer free?

Fatigue - yes, I'm tired and back on mop-up chemo. I don't have debilitating fatigue.
I'm sore under my ribs, by my liver..In need to do more stretches to keep that limber and pain free.

Oh the medica bills. I ahve year's worth of bills, eobs and collections.....THIS is what kinks my colon up and makes me want to run naked down the block frightening small children!


hang in there.....Peggy

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I was wondering how you were doing> I knew you were going to New York just before I had mine done. Do you hurt in your shoulder sometimes from the positioning on the table? R u back at work or do you work? Do you eat alot of Protein?

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My wife had one done March 04. It took 8 weeks to really say she started getting stronger.
You are doing find. Everybody heals different. She live 4 more years. july of 08 the cancer moved to her brain. She pass away jan. 08. Keep believing and trust the good LORD.

GOD bless

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