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Chondroitin Sulfate and Prostate Cancer

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I was on another forum that was discussing the supplement ChondroItin and Prostate Cancer. Seems some of its members had been taking a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement, not knowing the link between Chondrotin and Prostate Cancer.

URL for one article:

Excerpt from the Article:
"Patients often use chondroitin sulfate in combination with glucosamine to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms. Unfortunately, chondroitin sulfate also appears to play such a major role in cancer biology that using it may be risky.

The cartilage that lines your joints incorporates a group of proteins that contain chondroitin sulfate. When the joint is damaged (as it is in osteoarthritis), the joint cartilage responds by producing an array of chondroitin-containing proteins in a futile attempt to heal. The general consensus suggests that oral chondroitin sulfate enhances the effectiveness of these proteins, improving joint function and relieving pain. One of the proteins produced in the arthritic joint is the chondroitin binding protein versican.

You can find versican on the surface of a wide range of cancer cell types. In general, the greater the amount of chondroitin-containing versican bound to the cancer cell, the more likely it is that the cancer cell will be able to spread widely throughout the body. There is sufficient documentation of this effect of versican for prostate cancer, melanoma, some brain tumors, and a range of other cancers. For example, the amount of chondroitin sulfate found associated with prostate cancer in radical prostatectomy specimens correlates with the risk of recurrent disease."

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Glad I stopped takin that as one of my "supplements" six months ago...

mohammed abdulw...
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In cochra's research review applied on chondroitin sulphate and prostatic cancer enhancement,
there were no any evidence of confiremed chondroitin enhancing activities upon cancer of prostate, the upmost mentioned was ""preferebly not to be given to patients with prostatic cancer".
Update recent confirmatory solid reports about this indicates the following:
1- Chondroitin sulphate is naturally formed/founded in human's body tissues including it's
natural occurance and activity as neurotransmitter in nervouse system (brain tissue).

2- Increased prostatic cancer concentration of chondroitin sulphate may serve as natural human body defence mechanism against cancerous prostatic tissue, so ,the increment in chondroitin sulphate may denotes immune defensive activity against cancerouse cells, yet tobe confirmed with further researches.

3-Studies denoting this risk are small in size, with doubtfull results and statiscally non-solid evidence-based outcomes.

4-FDA are not concerned with natural and supplemental medicines (drugs), and there are no FDA proven evidence consolidating the relation between prostatic cancer and chondroitin.

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Since research says "...upmost mentioned was ""preferebly not to be given to patients with prostatic cancer..." I will wait...thanks

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I cut and pasted the URL link but there's nothing there now. Also went to the main page and clicked on the "chondroitin sulfate" link there but still nothing.

Not sure if it matters since my prostate is in the process of being zapped into oblivion, but I take 1500 mg Glucosamine w/1500 mg MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) that I buy at Costco and I assume this is not the same as chondroitin sulfate.

Let me know if I'm wrong.

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