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Im worried HELP

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tonight of course being 4 weeks post my Surgery my husband and i found out selfs making love ( he did not put him self in to me ) but he did Lick me ( not to sound gross i wont go in to info ) it felt fine and ok and right but kinda hurt some but then i read my dischrage papers where it said no sex for 6 weeks i then researched online now im freaked out i heard the Vagina cluff could be damaged and the sitchs undone and more surgery be needed i need advice do you think im ok or do u think i could have done damage also germs geting in to the area may be a bad thing im Embressed to come on here and ask this Question but im at lost to what to do ill call the doctors office but i wanted womans advice and if any one has been where i have

im socked i felt anything anyways but i went with the flow of things and now im wondering if i did a NO NO :( ?????????????

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You are both young, in love, and married. So, April, I think it is fine if you and your husband have some form of sex. I think the whole point of the no sex rule is to let your insides heal. Anything done on the external part of your body is probably ok. Sexual activity is a release for tension. I think after going through all that you have been experiencing, a little fooling around is in order. You might want to discuss it with your doctor, just in case. But, in my opinion, go for anything external, as long as it doesn't hurt your incision.

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We waited 4 weeks and it was fine....I was freaking out on the inside, but all was well.

After all you have been through, they gotta give us somne sort of fun...LOL

Take a great shower and you should be fine :)


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I was told no sex for 6 weeks and I followed it, but don't think 4 weeks would have caused any issues. What I'd suggest so your nerves are calmed, call the doc office and ask to speak with one of the nurses. They can tell you from your specifics if you should be concerned.

What I've found with any type of procedures and doc recommendations, docs tend to air on side of safety. Meaning 6 weeks might be a bit longer to wait, but 4 weeks with your situation may be just fine.

Best to you and glad you're getting better...

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thanks ladys i was worried about the germs and the Vagina cluff as he is gonna be doing the radition in june some time and i found my self worried sick not knowing then i heard others storys i did wake up this morning in alot of tummy pain and feeling like i was gonna throw up and i had not felt that way for a few ays so unsure if it was due to what happen last night

ya im feeling some beter still at night i get pain :( but very bad pain since we did somthing last night so i will call the office but very embressed lol

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